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Travel Tuesday - 5 Ways To Share Your Travel Adventures Without Boring Your Family, Friends....

And The Dog !

By Lara Livingstone Published 2 years ago 3 min read

Do you think travel blogging is only meant for the lucky few and that it's out of your reach as an achieavable goal? Well, think again! If you’re looking to share your travel adventures with your family, friends, and fellow travelers, then you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re more of an audiobook lover or a video vlogger, there are many ways to share your travel stories, without boring other people who don’t travel as much as you do. Ways that are so engaging, that, even the dog will start to care! So let’s dive in !


Whether it's a photo of the food you're eating or a short video of your surroundings, capturing the experiences you have on your travels and sharing them with friends and family is a great way to share travel tales.

Here are my top 5 ways to share your travel adventures without boring your family, friends or the dog:

1. Post photos of what you're doing in real-time and tag people who are with you so they can share in the experience.

2. Create travel content like blogs, photos or videos that highlight new places you've visited and interesting things that happened along the way.

3. Record yourself playing music or singing a song and send it as an audio message to friends back home.

4. Make a collage of all the postcards you've collected from around the world (don't forget to include one for yourself!)

5. Keep a journal to document your travels - where you went, who you met, what you ate and saw!


A great way to share your travel tales and adventures is by keeping a travel journal. Whether you're writing about your trip on or offline, it's a good idea to document the things you see, experience and learn from.

If you prefer to keep track of your trips on social media, use hashtags like #traveltales or #traveladventures that will encourage others to follow suit. The other option is to turn your travel blog into an ebook or a series of blog posts that are intended for sharing with friends, family members and even the dog.

If you're hesitant about sharing all your personal details with strangers on social media, start off with sharing specific aspects of your travels with people who already know you well before branching out to strangers on sites like Facebook or Instagram.


Scrapbooking not only preserves memories but also inspires new travel tales. You can go old school ith paper, glue, scissors and markers or take it digital - combining digital techniques such as photo editing software to achieve that vintage scrapbook look.


You can create your own Ephoto book to share your travel tales! This will be a great way to document your travels and share them with family and friends. Plus, it's a great way to show off all of the cool places you've been to and capture those travel adventures in one spot.

1) Pick a theme for your book - You can make a book about each country or region you visit.

2) Start from the beginning - If you don't want to pick a theme, start at the beginning of your trip and work backwards.

3) Put some thought into your words - Adding captions and including memories that didn't get documented by photos is a great idea.

4) Create visuals where there are none- With some creativity, you can recreate scenes from old travel tales without having any photographs.

5) Check through your content and create your book, by using an ebook creator like Sqribble - you can create a quality great looking book in minutes.

$$$$$ BONUS $$$$$ - Sharing your travel stories is one thing, but making money from your efforts is even better. Want to upgrade your photography skills, become part of a lively online creative community and learn how to monetize your photos, then check out Photography Mastery

I hope my round-up has inspired you have fun sharing your travel journeys and I'd love see what you all create.

Love Lara xoxo

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