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To get rid of fatigue and anxiety, you need energy management

by Liston Flowers 2 months ago in vintage
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Not anxious, not tired, taking control of my life

I am Zhang Zhanhui, a special personal trainer and national senior dietitian. I served as the health consultant for Pan Shiyi and Xu Xiaoping, and guided Fan Deng and Zhou Hang to successfully run a marathon in their spare time. In 2016, I successfully helped 3,230 students lose 10,366 kg, equivalent to the weight of an adult African elephant, in 13 online weight loss classes.

My focus had always been on getting people in better shape, and as I met more and more people, I became more and more adept at losing weight and getting in shape, but my focus shifted to energy management.

Being thin, I discovered, wasn't enough. What really affects our life and work state is energy.

Perhaps you've experienced the effects of low energy:

You want to spend time with the kids after work, or read two pages of the book you want to read, but you feel exhausted and pass out in bed.

Slowly found themselves fat, two years ago to buy clothes simply do not go in, you tell yourself to exercise, but can not play the spirit;

After two days of vacation, I wanted to have a good rest, but I still felt tired after sleeping for a whole day.

There is also a key moment when the chain, the more exams, overtime, rush to work these need to support the body, but you will often be knocked down by disease.

Without enough energy, we burn ourselves out in busyness, unable to improve ourselves constantly, unable to develop interests and hobbies, and unable to provide quality company even for our most important loved ones and relatives.

More and more, I realize that energy is an important part of having a high quality life.

Most of us get caught up in our busyness:

By habitually working overtime when you're not working well, you're getting tired and worse when you're not working well.

You start your day off on a bad note, and you don't use what should be your most productive time.

When you rest, you worry about your unfinished tasks, and you end up in a vicious cycle of increasing productivity.

When we are trapped in a vicious cycle, we tend not to feel that our energy management is at fault, but rather that we are inefficient, procrastinating, lazy, and emotionally anxious, miserable, and self-doubt.

It's especially easy to overestimate your short-term productivity in situations like this, when you're writing a story and you expect it to be finished in two hours, but it's actually going to take three, four or more. So you will fall into the inevitable overtime, think carefully, you have set for yourself, is not often because of the overestimation of short-term efficiency and fail to complete?

At the same time, we tend to ignore the long-term benefits, such as exercise and energy management, which don't seem to work in the short term, so we don't stick to it.

These misunderstandings eventually lead to a result: the harder you work, the harder your life is.

What I want to help you achieve with this course is to properly increase your energy level from an energy management perspective, break out of the vicious cycle of low and ineffective effort, and develop your life potential more scientifically and effectively.

Our course will revolve around a core formula for energy management:

Energy Management = (Rest management + Diet Management + Exercise Management) * Mindset management

Among them, rest and recovery activities can repair the systemic loss of energy and keep the system flowing; Diet is a biochemical gateway to raw energy; Exercise can empower the energy, can improve the use efficiency of the energy system, so that the energy running unobstructed, flexible; Mentality and cognition are the managers of energy boundary demarcation and the core strength and starting point of energy management.

Specifically, in the break, I'll tell you:

Why do you never sleep well?

What's the relationship between sleep and heart rate?

How to cast off exhaustion, let energy get restore?

Afternoon and evening are particularly sleepy, can you give the body a quick charge?

In the diet section, I'll tell you:

What three fuels does the body need?

Why did noon eat much can you make sleepy in the afternoon?

What exactly should you eat to boost your energy levels?

In the exercise section, I'll tell you:

Why can oneself practice more tired more?

What exercises help boost energy?

What sports should you start with?

Feel backache, how to do?

What should I do to lose weight?

In the final mindset section, I'll tell you:

From the perspective of energy management, how to break anxiety and stress?

How can you dramatically increase your energy level through the practice of one principle?

The energy management techniques I'm about to share with you, drawn from a number of front-line examples combined with training techniques from professional athletes, have been practiced by hundreds of thousands of people through my books and courses, and I believe they can help you, too. In every future course, I will try my best to give you systematic explanation and practical operation plan, so that you can use it when you learn.

If you're a busy worker, if you're constantly tired, if you're constantly running out of time, energy... This course is just for you.

Whether you have been exposed to energy management before or not, today we are standing on a new starting point. I hope that in the future courses, I will accompany you to master a set of scientific energy management methods and empower you in your life.


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