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The Last Faberge's: The Final Crusade

To Rep The Rewards

By Dr. WilliamsPublished 3 months ago 5 min read

In the annals of history there have been great deeds done by virtuous men. But too many times the good that was done is violently obliterated by villainous acts perpetrated by evil intentions of those who thirst for power, control and wealth. It has been over 700 years since the fall of the Knights Templars and yet the diabolical and treacherous way that doomed the Templars has had far reaching consequences that have managed to survive. And so began the most diabolical plot for global domination in the history of man.

For over two hundred years the Templar Knights were the guardians of the Catholic Church and the Pope. The betrayal that followed by the Catholic Church and the King of France in 1307 has led to histories most intriguing and captivating stories. Did the Knights Templar know their demise was forthcoming? If they did where they hide their vast wealth, and could some have survived even into the 21st century? These are just some of the questions that have haunted Tom Hardy ever since he came back from the Lamplighter expedition.

For Tom Hardy the fame that followed his return from Italy propelled him to international status as the Indiana Jones of the 21st century. But in the back of Tom's mind there has always been doubt that the Lamplighter expedition uncovered all of the vast riches of the Templars. For weeks after the Presidential citation Tom began re researching Professor's Swartz notes. Tracing back to the original 8 Templar Knights there had to be an ingenious methodology behind their rise and fortune. Tom began to realize that the Order of the Templars knew not to put all their eggs in one basket sort of speaking, there had to be other places that hid more of the vast riches of the Order of the Knights Templar. In other words, the Lamplighter expedition only partially succeeded.

This striking realization that there are other places that hid vast riches of the Knights Templar the sooner Tom can put the Lamplighter team back together the better. The Lamplighter expedition had only the first map. That first map has to have clues which will lead to the second map. Tom realized that there had to be certain clues that the first expedition missed in location of the second map which could lead to the third and if they found the third map the hidden clues could lead to the fourth and final resting place of the Templar's fortune.

Upon researching Professors Swartz notes the Professor linked Vladmir Krushiv a Russian noble men with Nicolas II. Vladmir according to the Professors notes was a direct descendant of the last Gran Marshal of the Templars sister. In 1916 following years of constant communication Nicholas entrusted Vladmir with instructions that the wealth of the Czar would never fall into the hands of the Revolutionaries. Good old Professor Swartz was on the trail of not just one vast fortune but was linking how the Romanoff family dynasty fortune was part of a network of great wealth that had its origins dating back to the Knights Templars.

Already in touch with now retired Col Lamplighter the two agreed to meet at the Pullman House in Washington within days. Tom was already back at South Bend getting in touch with the rest of the expeditions team to finally put to rest one of histories most storied chapters. To find the three other hidden maps and stop what is now going to be a global treasure hunt to recover the rest of history's most elusive treasures.

Present Day. Washington D.C.

Inside the Pullman House Tom Hardy was waiting in a conference room at the end of the hall when in walked two secret servicemen Black Suit and tie said they were waiting for Col. Lamplighter. Within minutes in walked the Col along with Sue Alworth the linguistics expert, and Dr. Harry Cohn Professor of Jewish History. Together with Tom Jenkins and Gary Smith the two secret service men assigned by President Smith await transport to Andrews Airforce base to hitch a ride to Afghanistan.

It has been six months since the murder of Professor Swartz and those responsible are still at large. Tom Hardy knew the perils of this second mission into the foothills of Northern Afghanistan. Ever since the American troop withdrawal the country has been a hot bed of turmoil. The Opium trade was in full swing. And now Tom, Col Lamplighter and company arriving to further retrace Profession's Swartz excavation site could unleash another deadly confrontation. Aboard the Airforce Jet now halfway to Kabul Sue Alworth was trying to find more hidden clues that had to be in the Voynich Manuscript that the Professor first found. The rest of the journey to the cave where Professor Swartz first discovered the Voynich Manuscript would take a day and a half traveling by military jeep.

News of Tom Hardies arrival had proceeded him. Thousands were already lined up outside the confines of the Kabul airport. Meanwhile the US still had a reserve unit stationed in Kabul and sent a convoy to meet Col. Lamplighter and company. Upon arriving in Kabul Tom Hardy was stepping off the plane's stairway when Lt. General Macarthy spoke " Mr. Harday, Col Lamplighter it is an honor to meet you both and the rest of your staff. "We need to get you safely out of Kabul as soon as possible." With that said they all went into the waiting armored car followed by three support jeeps with two Armed Military escorts in each jeep.

Five hours later halfway to Professors' excavations sit Lt. general's convoy was hit by mortar fire. Within minutes the whole convoy was captured by the Taliban. With two dead US marines now put Tom Hardies expedition in great peril. Tom, Col Lamplighter, Sue Alworth, and Professor Harry Cohen were now hostages by the Taliban. His name was Abduel, the leader of the Taliban knew instinctively that the rumor of Professor Swartz discovery only succeeded inf part. Now captive by the Taliban and to avoid further violence Tom convinced Abduel be a partner to work jointly to uncover the remaining missing maps. Soon they all reached the late Professors excavation site.

Will Tom and company find the right clues to where the maps are while uncovering more secrets that the Catholic Church is still hiding hoping never to be unleashed? The last Crusade continues.


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Dr. Williams

A PhD in Economics. Author of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.

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