Teacher King's English Speaking Course: Lesson 1 My Pencil Case

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Teacher King's English Speaking Course: Lesson 1 My Pencil Case
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Learn the words

1. a pencil 6. a pen

2. an eraser 7. a ruler

3. glue 8. tape

4. a pencil sharpener 9. a marker

5. whiteout 10. a crayon

Learn the phrasal verb : Fall out

Meaning: To separate or detach from something .

“A red marker fell out of my pencil case yesterday.”

Learn the verb : Use

“I’ve been using this old one for three years.”

use: I like to use a pencil when writing in my notebook.

used: I used your glue this morning

using: He will be using a crayon to draw the house.

used: The students have never used whiteout before.

Read the conversation

Mary: Hey Jay, you need a new pencil case!

Jay: Yes, you’re right. I’ve been using this old one for three years.

Mary: Why did you have to use tape to fix the bottom of it?

Jay: There was a hole in it. A red marker fell out of my pencil case yesterday.

Mary: Oh no! You should buy a new pencil case soon.

Jay: Yes, I think you’re right. This one is also too small.

Mary: That’s true. You need one that’s long enough for your ruler.

Jay: Hey, I think my eraser is missing. I can't find it anywhere.

Mary: It’s probably fallen out of your pencil case!

Jay: Ha! There it is on the floor. I’m going to the supermarket now!

Answer the questions

1. How long has Jay been using his pencil case?

2. Which item fell out of Jay’s pencil case yesterday?

3. What did Jay use to fix his pencil case?

4. Where is Jay going now?

Unscramble the sentences

1. I’ve / using / been / three / years / case / for / this / pencil

2. pencil / soon / a / buy / new / You / case / should

3. is / one / This / too / also / small

4. I’m / supermarket / to / the / now / going

Read the talk

Jay’s pencil case

Hi, there. Recently, my pencil case began to fall apart. I had already been using it for over three years, so I wasn’t surprised to see it starting to break.

However, I was disappointed that I had lost the new red marker that Mom had bought for me. It had fallen out because there was a hole at the bottom of the pencil case. Luckily, nothing else fell out. I would have been really upset if I had lost my favorite blue pen.

My friend, Mary, suggested that I get a new pencil case. Therefore, this afternoon, I went to the supermarket to get a new one. I am very pleased with my new pencil case. It’s long enough to fit a ruler in it, and it has a special place to put whiteout and glue.

I can’t wait to show Mary tomorrow!

Answer the questions

1. Has Jay bought a new pencil case yet?

2. Who gave Jay a red marker?

3. Why were there things falling out of Jay’s old pencil case?

4. Can a ruler fit in the new pencil case?

Noun, Adjective or Verb?

1. special 3. break 5. supermarket

2. show 4. place 6. upset

Take the test

1. Jay has ___ his pencil case for over three years.

a. been used b. being used c. been using

2. Jay used ___ to fix the hole in the pencil case.

a. glue b. tape c. whiteout

3. A red marker fell ___ of the pencil case.

a. out b. off c. down

4. What couldn’t Jay find?

a. His eraser. b. His pencil sharpener. c. His pen.

5. Did Mary give Jay the red marker?

a. Yes, she did. b. No, she didn’t. c. No, she doesn’t.

6. Jay went to the supermarket ___ afternoon.

a. in this b. this c. on the

7. The new pencil case has a special place to put ___ and ___.

a. whiteout, glue b. pens, pencils c. markers, crayons

8. Jay can’t wait to ___ Mary his new pencil case.

a. give b. tell c. show


1. C 2. B 3. A 4. A 5. B 6. B 7. B 8. C

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