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Student Housing Options in Exeter: A Budget-Friendly Exploration Unveiled

Student Accommodation Exeter

By Tessa youngPublished 9 months ago 3 min read

Exeter is one of the largest cities in England and it is known for its amazing surroundings. It is known for creating a balance between city and country life. This is a friendly and diverse city, students can enjoy one of the cosmopolitan lifestyles while quickly having access to the beautiful landscape of Southwest England. This beautiful place has developed into a beautiful metropolis and now many students come here to pursue their higher education.

In this city, you can find an amazing combination of beaches, historical infrastructure, entertainment, and much more which can make you feel awe-inspiring. Exeter is home to more than 30,000 students which makes this place one of the best educational destinations in England. You will find a wide range of student accommodation Exeter and here you can come across some of the best neighborhoods. Here you can find some of the best universities too. Some of the best accommodations under budget comprises of:

The Neighborhood Exeter: From £210/week

The Neighborhood is situated in the heart of the city and it is located close to different universities. Both of the campuses are situated less than 20 minutes bus ride away. When you have spare time, you can go to the on-campus library for some peace and quiet. You can also spend some time with your classmate and you can get to know them over a hot cup of coffee at the Café. The area is well-connected to the entire city through public transportation. You can find a bus stop nearby. You can also take the train from Exeter Central Station which is also a few minutes away. You can also head to the Cathedral Green which is around 5 minutes walk away and you can find out the best fairs, markets, and also charity events. You can also find some of the best kinds of cuisines at the restaurants and pubs which are located in the vicinity.

Vita Student Portland House Exeter: From £306/week

Situated amidst the city center, this accommodation provides you with some of the best experiences of university life which is blended with a little bit of social life. With an 11-minute walk to the University Exeter and a 19-minute walk to the Streatham Campus, the students can easily reach the lectures on time. it is connected to the entire city with the help of public transportation. The bus stops are also nearby as well and the Exeter Central train station is around 8 minutes walk away from the campus. You can go out with your friends and you can also spend some time alone where you can spend time sipping your hot cup of coffee. You can also visit the Guildhall Shopping Center which is the best place where you can buy new dress clothes or just spend on good food.

Study Inn Walnut Gardens Exeter: From £215/week

Study Inn Walnut Gardens is one of the most preferred boutique student accommodations which is located in the midst of the city center. It offers the students is safe as well as a student-friendly environment. This is one of the top-notch student accommodations which is located near the Univerity of Exeter. Other academic institutions such as Peninsula Medical School as well as Plymouth Marjon University that is around 46 miles away. You can find the advantages of best-tailored services by offering more than just a room. The public transport of Exeter is located near the vicinity. The St. Paul is located close nearby. The town center of Exeter is located nearby and we offer a wide range of local outlets for the students to enjoy. Here you can find some of the best shops, restaurants as well and bars to select from.

Bonhay House Exeter- From £184/week

Bonhay House is one of the most conveniently placed student accommodations which allows students to settle in and you can get the most out of their university life. The property is just 20 20-minute walk away from the main campus. It is one of the ideal locations for students studying at different top universities in the city. you can have a wide range of amenities like hospitals, restaurants, and movie theatres. You can also find excellent transport links that connect you to the city. One can travel around very comfortably. The nearest bus station is also close by. Moreover, the airport is only 20 minutes away so it’s a win-win situation for all the international students.


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