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stress management a burning issue

how to manage the stress and what are the way fwd

By Arooj FatimaPublished about a month ago 3 min read
A person manage to calm his nerves

hi my aim of today article is to make you people aware that how stress makes a person feel bad about any thing and systematically change the dynamics of life. now lets talk about stress that what is stress ? it is the body's way of responding to different kinds of demands and can be caused by both good and bad experiences. When people feel stressed due to something going around them, their bodies react by releasing certain chemicals into their blood. These chemicals give people more energy and strength, which can be a good thing, if their stress is caused by physical danger. But this can also be a bad thing, if their stress is in response to emotional disorder and there is no outlet for this extra energy and strength. This article will discuss different causes of stress, how stress affects a person, the difference between 'good' or 'positive' stress and 'bad' or 'negative' stress. Stress is a physical or mental state or emotional response caused by any change in the environment or in routine activities. It results in deterioration of performance or requires greater effort to maintain the previous level of performance.

Negative Stress This kind of stress is a result of a mismatch between what individual wants vis-a-vis his capability of doing in relation to what environment offers and demands. It is important to bear in mind that everyone's environment will be different and will include factors such as where they live, where they work, what their work consists of, their families, friends, life-style, beliefs, education, attitudes to life and expectations of themselves and others.

Positive Stress Positive stress is necessary to sustain and improve tolerance without overstraining and disrupting the human system comprising potential to perform assigned asks. Insufficient stress leads to physical or mental weakness. A moderate response to stress y improves performance.

How to control the stress and what are the way fwd

the person tries to manage the stress

Long Term Measures Stress Management to be read as a Subject. people must be well educated to recognize the Symptoms of stress at individual and organizational level. They should possess necessary skills to deal with the associated problems of stress. This can be done by including "Stress Management" as a subject in the curriculum of Pakistan syllabus. 2.Though with the implementation of people stress management program, greater percentage of stressors will be managed at individual level. But to control stressors at larger level, certain organizational changes are required like redefining of policies, provision of better health care facilities、 availability of married accommodation, and keeping all the modes of communication open. Improvement in Socio-Economic Stats.

Immediate measures This program must include techniques such as medication, relaxation, and time management. Techniques such as physical fitness, games and routine professional activities are already part of everyday unit life.

2.Cohesion and Team Work. Generate cohesion, team work and also look for the special spark that draws and hold the unit together. Commander must formulate fun techniques that allow him to get next to his under command. It might be the afternoon games, frequent trips to the unit dining hall etcetera. Improvement in Working Environment Buddy system is evoked during various activities. this creates strong bonds and helps in building confidence. Be humane and supportive. Give credit where it is due and enhance the self-image of the subordinates. Let subordinates participate in the decision making process. Everybody want to be a member of the team. Let the individuals participate and be involve more to attain results. Healthy and just work environment.

Rest, Sleep, Leave are the best and easy way out of the stress. These three items must exist and must be followed in true letter and spirit.

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