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By Ottis BrookPublished about a year ago 3 min read

We are special education attorneys advocating for educational equity for all in San Diego, San Bernardino, Riverside across California. If you are experiencing issues related to your child’s educational rights, feel free to contact us.

Special education attorney san diego

Every child is entitled to educational equity.

At the end of the day, a school district has an undeniable advantage when a parent challenges their child’s educational program. They have all the experts, they have all the staff, and they have all the money to pay for very large law firms to defend them when they do something wrong.

My goal has always been to put parents on an equal footing to be able to get the best for their children and ensure they are educated and become as independent as possible.

Matthew Storey, APC, (San Diego Special Education Lawyer)

Special education advocates san diego

How We’re Different


We are known for being an aggressive law firm willing to take cases as far as necessary to protect the rights of children. We are one of the handful of law firms in California to argue before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals

Special education attorney Riverside


We are devoted to our clients because our firm has attorneys who have had personal experiences with the deficiencies in the special education system.

Special education attorney san bernardino

Team Approach

Many law firms assign one attorney to a case. We believe it’s important to approach all cases as a team to encourage an encompassing approach where nothing is overlooked.


Special Education Attorneys

We are a special education law firm providing legal representation for families and children of all abilities in California, focusing on the areas of San Diego, Riverside & San Bernardino

Due Process

Our office has extensive experience successfully filing and defending complaints for due process in California.Federal Appeals

Our office has experience appealing decisions from the California Office of Administrative Hearings (“OAH”).

Legal Advocacy

Our office prides itself on making parents better advocates for their children. We also work with some of the best special education advocates San Diego has.

Meet our Special Education Attorneys

Our team has had personal experiences with the injustices of the special education system, making us uniquely qualified and especially empathetic to our clients. We understand the struggle, and it drives our passion to do everything in our power to protect the rights of children with special needs. We proudly serve all of California but mainly focus on Southern, specifically San Diego, Riverside and San Bernardino.

Access the IEP Pocketbook Digitally!

We developed our IEP Pocketbook as a resource you can turn to at a moment’s notice to access information to effectively advocate for your child’s rights. While we want to make you as a strong of an advocate as possible for your child, know that you can and should always ask for help. We work some of the best and most experienced special education advocates San Diego offers.

The Storey Behind the Passion

For me, the path to becoming a special education attorney was straight forward. I vividly remember my family’s frustration with my brother’s education. He is a year younger than I and is diagnosed with cerebral palsy (“CP”), a group of neurological disorders that affect movement. CP, like many disabilities, is abroad spectrum. Some are able to move with relative ease, for others all movement may be virtually paralyzed, bound to a chair and require constant supervision for life. I suppose fortunately, my brother is more the former. At one point, I recall my mother arguing with the school principal about my brother being placed in a room by himself with only a television. He must have been in the 2nd or 3rd grade, and apparently this had been going on for over a month with no notification to my parents. The principal told my mom the school did not have the ability to support my brother, and the room with a television was all they could do. My parents, not knowing they may have had other options, moved my brother to a private school.

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Ottis Brook

Our team has had personal experiences with the injustices of the special education system, making us uniquely qualified and especially empathetic to our clients.

special education attorney california

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