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Some WordPress Feature That You May Not Have Discover Yet

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By dubaiwebsitedesignPublished 3 months ago 4 min read

WordPress is one of the most effective ways to develop your web content. It’s used all over the world. Web developers use wordpress extensively to make both simple and captivating websites. You do not have to be a technical wizard to access the features of Wordpress website design. Wordpress is pretty user-friendly, which means that everyone can use it.

The platform contains a wide range of features that can help create websites for businesses, ecommerce, and various businesses. WordPress comes with numerous fonts and styles that can be incorporated into the website. It has many themes that enhance your experience while working. You can personalise all the themes as per your requirement. Here are some features that experts at Web Design UAE use to improve your experience while working with WordPress.

Hiding Screen Option

You may or may not have encountered a screen option feature before on WP. It allows you to show or hide elements on the WordPress admin screen that you are viewing. The feature lets the user control how admin pages work, thereby giving full access to the WordPress editing experience.

Price Estimator

Whether a beginner or a professional person, very few people know that WordPress has a price estimator feature. As the name suggests, it helps to estimate the price of the web project. For a web developer, it takes a lot of time to determine the estimate and is not perfect every time.

The WordPress feature comes with an estimator that helps you know the average price of potential customers, saves time, and can be utilised with severe clients. It uses several algorithms and can collect payment through online mode. The interface is good and can be further customised.

Rearranging The Dashboards

When you use WordPress, you are being taken to the dashboard page. To make the wordpress navigation easier for customers, you can try to reorganise the dashboard boxes.

Providing Control Over Wordpress Widgets

This feature lets you control your icons in wordpress without the need to drop or drag the website with your mouse’s help. This feature can be activated by navigating through the screen option. You should click the appearance widgets buttons.

Editing Images in WordPress

WordPress is a powerful platform for several factors. It facilitates users for customising teh images with the help of the WordPress platform easily and quickly. You can conduct some operations like rotate, resize and crop. You will also be able to change an image in all directions so that you can perform the required function. You can do this more easily by navigating to the Media-Library and clicking on the pictures.

Creating Links Through Pasting Url

If you want to paste the URL of a certain website, you can do this via the link editing feature. Instead of using the paste link option, you can just tap the text and press the required button for pasting the URL.

Making Post

If you have a great post that you want to divide into several pages, click the following page button in your content. This button will allow you to divide several pages of text. It prevents your readers from swiping the screen too much, a common problem for reading longer content. To get more credentials to know how you can do this, you can check the WordPress main page for assistance or tap the required link to redirect you to a tutorial video.

Check Theme Before Launching It

Have you ever accessed WordPress and played with a different theme and then implemented it, after that, you decided to replace it? Well, no reason for getting upset now. Fortunately, there is a test feature that lets you implement your theme, and then you can navigate through the appearance widget. After doing this step, you will be able to encounter a live preview of your selected theme so that you can access it before launching it. The live preview option can help you activate the music, and the theme customiser will appear, which will showcase the fresh theme in the review option.

Incorporating Media Files

Can you recall when was the last time that you messed up in figuring out how to incorporate videos, music, and other media formats into a web page? Some professionals of Wordpress development may need to learn code, while others steal the code from unknown sources which had already identified it. But with the new WordPress feature, the harassment becomes negligible. You just need to take the code from the said URL from an appropriate site such as Instagram, Twitter or YouTube, and other sites that will go well on WordPress.

Do you know why it is essential? You are now familiar with the WordPress feature, which may not have any information regarding it. When you become a full-fledged web developer working for Wordpress website development, it will be beneficial for you. Or else, if you use WordPress regularly to create your blog or website page, you will want to try out all these features to save time.


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