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Slow Horses Season 3: Gary Oldman Returns for a Thrilling Ride"

Unraveling the Intrigue of Slow Horses Season 3: A Rollercoaster of Espionage, Comedy, and Gary Oldman's Wit

By NicolasPublished 6 months ago 2 min read

Start writingIn the ever-expanding realm of streaming content, Apple TV+ stands out with its gripping and successful British show, Slow Horses. As of today, the third season of this acclaimed series makes its debut with a two-episode premiere, promising fans a weekly dose of suspense, action, and dark comedy. Developed from the novels by Mick Herron, Slow Horses revolves around a department of MI5 reject spies led by the charismatic yet unconventional Jackson Lamb, portrayed by the talented Gary Oldman.

The third season of Slow Horses dives into the events chronicled in the book 'Real Tigers,' adding a new layer of complexity to the narrative. The central plotline unfolds with the abduction of Catherine Standish, placing the burden of her rescue squarely on the shoulders of the remaining slow horses. The tension rises as they race against time to locate her and ensure her survival.

The ensemble cast, featuring the likes of Gary Oldman, Jack Lowden, Kristen Scott Thomas, and more, brings depth and nuance to the characters. Oldman, in particular, shines as Jackson Lamb, delivering denigrating one-liners that serve as a peculiar form of motivation for his eclectic team of reject recruits. The chemistry among the cast members adds to the series' appeal, creating a blend of action spy drama and black comedy that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

Season three of Slow Horses has already garnered strong critical acclaim, surpassing the positive reviews of its predecessors. The engaging storyline, coupled with the stellar performances, has elevated the show to new heights. The weekly release format ensures that fans will savor the unfolding drama over six episodes before the year's end.

The good news doesn't stop there for enthusiasts of Slow Horses. Apple TV+ has already greenlit a fourth season, indicating the network's confidence in the show's continued success. With the fourth installment expected to grace screens next year, the Slow Horses saga shows no signs of slowing down.

For those eager to embark on the Slow Horses journey, an Apple TV+ subscription is the key. The streaming service is easily accessible through the Apple TV app, available on various platforms, including Apple devices, smart TVs, Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, game consoles, and more. If you prefer the convenience of a web browser, you can also catch the action at

As for the release dates of Slow Horses Season 3, mark your calendars for the following:

Episode 1: November 29, 2023
Episode 2: November 29, 2023
Episode 3: December 6, 2023
Episode 4: December 13, 2023
Episode 5: December 20, 2023
Episode 6: December 27, 2023
This strategic release schedule ensures a steady stream of entertainment throughout the holiday season, making Slow Horses a must-watch for fans of the spy genre and those who appreciate a healthy dose of humor woven into the fabric of intense storytelling.

In conclusion, Slow Horses Season 3 promises to be a rollercoaster of emotions, suspense, and witty repartees. With a talented cast, a compelling storyline, and the anticipation of a fourth season, the show continues to solidify its position as a standout in the Apple TV+ lineup. So, buckle up, subscribe, and get ready to join the unconventional world of MI5's reject spies on their latest thrilling adventure.

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