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Six Essential Types of Certifications

by Sasha McGregor 2 years ago in courses
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Take Control of Your Future by Earning One or More of These Certifications

Six Essential Types of Certifications
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The trend in further education today centers on adding certifications rather than full degrees and for good reason. Certifications target one area of expertise and demonstrate the proficiency that employers are looking for. Though they cannot replace a traditional associate's degree, bachelor's degree, or master's degree, they can give you valuable experience in the field of your degree. Employees looking to increase their skills also like them because they are less expensive and are accomplished much faster than the traditional degree. So what certificates should you explore to increase your business edge? Here are six essential types of certifications to consider.

Project Management

If you are looking to lead a business team rather than just contribute to one, then you need a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification. A project manager can take an idea for a product, research its marketability, and lead a team to develop that product from conception to marketing, and then to sales. Skills like, managing people, product pricing, sales planning, inventory control and strategy are what companies are looking for in a good product manager.


You may be working your way toward a Masters of Law degree, LLM in the USA. But, on your way, a paralegal certificate will give you the chance to gain invaluable experience in a law firm. Paralegals are an integral part of a legal team in areas like labor law, real estate, corporate law, government law and litigation. They perform many important tasks like researching litigation and filling out official purchase agreements and contracts.

Human Resources

People are what make a company successful. Choosing, training, and supporting the people in an organization are accomplished by the HR manager. Most companies are looking for a manager who knows the principles of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). You can be certified in these principles to give yourself a competitive advantage in the HR field. Another basic certification is the Professional in Human Resources or PHR. The PHR will prove your skill in talent acquisition, learning and development, employee and labor relations and business management.


Having a stellar product does no good if the people who need it don't know it exists or cannot get it. A sales certification can provide the knowledge you need to close the deal. Examples of sales certifications are spin selling, challenger sales, Sandler training and MEDDIC. MEDDIC is an acronym for a sales methodology. It stands for Metrics, Economic Buyer, Decision Process, Decision Criteria, Identify Pain and Champion. This method is used as a checklist for sales professionals to give the best service to their customers. Having any of these certifications will give you an advantage over your competitors.


The top-rated software in business today is Salesforce. This software is a cloud-based management tool that integrates sales, service, commerce and marketing all into one program. You can be a certified master of the program whether your an administrator, using the program as part of the sales team, marketing through the program or building custom apps with it. Having a Salesforce credential will make you an attractive candidate in just about any company even if that company uses different software.

Other useful software certifications include Google and Hubspot. In Google's Publisher, Analytics and AdWord, you will learn how to set up goals, track campaigns, analyze reports, track data and configure Google marketing tools. Hubspot is a marketing software with social media marketing tools, customer support and search engine optimizing.


For those who want to work with computers and computer interconnectivity, having a network certification such as CCNA, CCNP, or CCIE will solidify your value. You will need to understand the fundamentals of a computer network for this certification, as well as learning about IP services and connectivity. Network security is another valuable skill that is included in these certifications.

Take control of your future by earning one or more of these certifications and demonstrating your skill to a potential employer.


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