Set Your Child up for Success with College-Level Lean Six Sigma Training

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College degrees pack more of a punch with these added certifications.

Set Your Child up for Success with College-Level Lean Six Sigma Training

Over the years, a college degree has gone from a way to stand out from the crowd to a hiring prerequisite. In a job market oversaturated with qualified college graduates, new job-seekers need something else to draw the attention of employers.

More and more companies across the country are integrating Lean practices into their organizations, minimizing costs while maximizing customer satisfaction. Companies have also begun combining Lean thinking methodologies with six sigma, which helps reduce variation to further eliminate organizational waste and promote efficiency. Lean six sigma thinking is a cornerstone in many successful businesses: equipping your college-bound child with Lean six sigma skills will make them an attractive candidate to numerous businesses after graduation and help them cut through the noise in an increasingly busy job market.

An Introduction to Lean Six Sigma

James P. Womack and Daniel T. Jones suggested that there are five principles to Lean thinking: customer-defined value, finding the value stream, putting value through the value stream, taking value from the value stream and aiming for perfection. Often criticized for being a buzzword or hollow concept, Lean thinking can be very effective if employed correctly. Lean is more than just jargon, though some business owners don't understand what it is before attempting to employ it and fail to achieve their intended results. Putting Lean thinking in place is not a quick process, but it can be transformative. A business employing Lean thinking wants to give its customers a high level of value while using few resources.

Six sigma is all about ensuring quality. A company using six sigma methodology uses data to remove anything outside of customer specifications, known as deficits, from its transactions, manufacturing, products and services. These businesses try to streamline their processes so they are within six standard deviations, or sigmas, from the ideal outcome, a methodology which minimizes defects. Six sigma works well with Lean by helping organizations strive for perfection and use fewer unnecessary resources.

The Benefits of Learning Lean Six Sigma

Demand for Lean six sigma training is growing as more and more businesses adopt the low-resource, high-satisfaction mindset. Lean six sigma training looks good on a resume and demonstrates to potential employers that a recent graduate is receptive to new ideas, interested in industry trends and engaged in customer satisfaction.

Getting Lean six sigma certification online also eliminates the need for a company to train a potential employee before they start work, saving time and resources. Potential employers may view Lean six sigma certification as a significant advantage in hiring a particular candidate, and recent graduates who can boast that certification will likely have an automatic step up in many hiring processes.

Where to Get Lean Six Sigma Training

Lean six sigma training is offered by many higher-level educational institutions, and more and more business students are seeing this kind of training integrated into their curriculum. Even before college, however, college-bound students can get a leg up by taking an online course from a university or a third-party to learn Lean six sigma methodology. These kinds of online courses let students learn at their own pace from the comfort of their own homes and can yield impressive results in short periods of time for ambitious students with the drive to learn remotely. An online Lean six sigma course can look good to college admissions officers and hiring staff alike, giving your student an advantage in a number of application processes.

College degrees are no longer the guarantors of employment that they once were. Faced with a job market packed to the brim with qualified graduates, it's important to find something that sets your child apart. As more companies adopt Lean six sigma practices, a six sigma-certified candidate is becoming more and more attractive to potential employers. Taking classes or online courses to get a Lean six sigma certification could be the difference between your child and hundreds of other candidates. Education in the right skills could set them on the path to success.

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