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There are six seasons in Bangladesh country. I appreciate new scenes in each season.

By mobashiraashrafi kuashaPublished about a month ago 4 min read

Yes, Bangladesh country has six seasons. No country on the planet has the six seasons so strongly felt as in Bangladesh. Two months make a season and every season has its elements. The change of season after two months relieves a dullness in my mind. As a result, I can focus on my work. I am a student and I have to study all the time. When I feel bored I go outside and look at the beautiful nature. It gives me a peaceful mind; I cannot live well without a calm mind. So the beauty of nature gives me calm in my mind.

Summer Season: Summer is the first season of the Bangladesh Schedule. In this season the weather conditions are going to be outrageously hot and water goes dry. Yes, in this season I feel uneasy. But the summer season is the various fruit season. Such as Mango, Bery, Pineapple, Lychee and so on. Among all these fruits, the Mango is a bit more famous and Bengali people love mango very much. As a Bengali girl, I love Mango fruit too. When the summer season comes I am very excited to eat ripe Mango. But terrible storms are a huge part of summer in Bangladesh! It's scary. This season beauty is sunshin.

Rainy Season: Rainy season is the secound season in Bangladesh.This Rainy season comes after the Summer season. I like all the seasons but the Rainy season is my favourite season. After two consecutive months of intense heat, when the monsoons come, nature regains its vitality. When the Rainwater wet the dry soil then it gives off a very nice scent which I like very much. The cool breeze all around along with the rain soothes my mind. Also, I love to hear the Rainy sound and the thunderous sound of the clouds along with it. I sit by the window and look at the pond. That pond is not so big surrounded by bare foliage and the Rain falling in the water of that pond caught my eye. I just stare blankly. At this time, I see a belly flower among the white fragrant flowers. The fragrance of this belly flower is spread all around in the dark clouds of the afternoon. this environment looks to me like a lot of calm. Also, the weather is not so cold and not so heat.

Autumn Season: The third season of Bangladesh country is the Autumn season .The Autumn comes after the Rainy season. In this season the sky looks dark blue and blossoms sprout in this season. Days and evenings are practically equivalent. Bengal’s nature is serene and mellow in autumn. In this season I can see white clouds fly in the sky. It looks like cotton candy. Also, white flowers can be seen on the banks of the river. This white flower's name is Kashful and it looks so beautiful. Every year during this season people come to the banks of the river to see this Kashful and take pictures. I also go there to see Kashful and my heart fills with joy when the Kashful sways in the gentle breeze. Also at night, the moon looks very beautiful and bright. In my free time, I look at that moonlight which I like so much.

Late-Autumn Season: Late-Autumn is the fourth season in Bangladesh. It comes after the Autumn season. After Late-Autumn comes the winter season. This is why the Late-Autumn season is called the arrival of the Winter season in Bangladesh country. This season sees dewy mornings. Also, the morning environment covered with light fog looks very beautiful. At this time, the soft young leaves, the sweet sunshine and the blue sky enchant my mind. Every day I go outside for a walk and see this beautiful view. It refreshes my mind. The farmers of the village carry loads of paddy on their shoulders which is another kind of the beauty of this nature.

Winter Season: Winter season is the fifth season in Bangladesh. It comes after the Late-Autumn season. It is the time of haze, fog, and chill. Throughout the colder time of year season cold air follows, some of the time-temperature levels normally diminishing up to 3°C to 4°C and for the most part normal temperature decreases to 10°C to 20°C. In the city, there are numerous little Pitha shops next to the road and individuals go there to eat. I also go there to eat Pitha. It's so yummy and I love it very much. At this time in the morning, the surrounding is filled with white fog and the road can not be seen because of fog. Also, dry leaves fall off. It's another beauty of nature. Early morning blossoming blossoms look exceptionally gorgeous.

Spring Season: Spring season is the last season in Bangladesh. It comes after the winter season. Yes, different seasons have different types of beauty but the Spring season is known as the king of seasons. This spring is a time of excellence and happiness for eternity, Where birds sing behind the new leaves. In this season I always notice aromatic blossoms, melodies of birds and delicate breezes, and the clarity of spring which I like very much. During this season the weather is always good so I always like to visit someplace this time.

I love Six Seasons beauty very much because the different season gives us different beauty which relief from the monotony of life. The beauty of nature is a part of our life. So we should respect nature. Global warming is increasing day by day and destroying the beauty of nature. So everyone should take steps to decrease global warming to save the beauty of nature.


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