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Reasons to Pursue Tesol Course in Sydney

A Tesol course includes different creative sessions apart from the usual mat the following or fills in the blanks. There are different relevant materials, such as newspapers, comics, videos, radio shows, etc., in the lesson.

By Amara GomezPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Tesol Course Sydney

Tesol is one of the popular teaching courses. It stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. The course is meant to teach the English language to students with English not as their first language. Tesol course is majorly conducted in countries where English doesn’t happen to be a dominant language. One of the best things about the Tesol course Sydney is that it is a qualification recognized across the globe.

What is a Tesol Certificate?

The Cert IV Tesol is given to candidates after completion of the Tesol program from an accredited institute. It is important to complete at least 120 hours of course as it is the basic requirement for a candidate to be eligible for achieving the certification. It usually takes 6-8 weeks to complete the Tesol certification. One needs to have the certification by their side if one wishes to work as a Tesol tutor across the globe.

Benefits of Pursue Tesol Course

If you are wondering about the reasons to get Tesol certification, here’s a look at some benefits:

Great career opportunities

Pursuing Tesol mostly opens the pathway for making a career in English language teaching. Apart from that, it offers the chance to get employment in any part of the globe where there is a demand for foreign language teaching, such as English. It can be rewarding to excel in linguistics, interpreting, and translation. It can help in building a great career in research, business, or administration as an educational consultant, speech therapist, or speech pathologist.

Upgrade your communication skills

Learning a new language can play a crucial role in the development of communication skills. While pursuing the Tesol certification course, the candidate stays in the company of other students from various parts of the globe. It offers a boost to confidence along with presentation skills. The learning from Tesol can be useful in various aspects of life, both professionally and personally. Especially for the working professionals who wish to attend the Tesol course, having good knowledge of the English language offers an edge over others in the organization.

Good pay scale

Yet another benefit that comes with Tesol certification is that the candidate gets to fetch a handsome package. You not only get an opportunity to work in any part of the globe but also get a good salary. It has been observed that international language organizations pay good salaries to Tesol- certified tutors.

With a minimum of 2 years of experience, you can earn as much as $70000, along with other benefits in several parts of the world. And not to forget the exposure it offers to other parts of the world. One gets to explore different cultures and interact with various people. It contributes to the personal and professional development. Schools in non-English speaking countries like Japan, the Philippines, China, and Saudi Arabia offer a great pay package to Tesol certificate holders.

Being creative

A Tesol course includes different creative sessions apart from the usual mat the following or fills in the blanks. There are different relevant materials, such as newspapers, comics, videos, radio shows, etc., in the lesson. It helps the students improve their communication skills, reading ability, vocabulary, listening skills, and more.

The above-mentioned reasons show the significance of the Tesol course Sydney and the kind of career opportunities that await the aspirant. However, it is important to keep in mind that the candidate should choose a reputed institute for the Cert IV Tesol. It impacts the quality of the training. Also, the online Tesol courses have made it easy for anyone to pursue the course along with work and studies. If you have an interest in the English language and teaching it to non-native speakers, Tesol will help in building a great career.


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