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Opting for Custom eLearning | Jamil Geor

Jamil Geor on opting for custom eLearning platforms.

By Jamil GeorPublished about a year ago 4 min read

Custom e-Learning Development is the most popular and fastest-growing form of digital content. More and more corporations are investing in this learning to prepare their employees for the future. With the rapid advancement of technology, education is becoming even more valuable.

Here are the reasons to opt for Custom e-Learning Development:

Each Organization Is Unique

It is essential to recognize that each organization is unique. No two are alike, and there is no ‘one size fits all solution that can be used for every situation. Custom eLearning Development allows the business or organization to deliver customized training based on their unique needs.

Employees Can Learn Faster With less Effort

Traditional training methods require a lot of time and effort. On top of that, employees often feel they are being railroaded through the system. Custom eLearning Development allows employees to select the learning content that is most relevant to them. The training they receive can be customized as they progress through their training.

Lower Training Costs

The costs of traditional training methods are relatively high. In addition to the initial cost of training, these programs must be updated regularly. Custom eLearning Development is much more affordable and can be easily updated over time as necessary. It allows for less expensive training solutions that are more effective over the long term.

Increases Employee Productivity

Training has been one of the best ways for companies to increase employee productivity. Employees who are motivated and engaged take better initiative in their jobs. This results in positive impacts on the company’s performance and an increase in revenue. Custom e-learning development has been seen to be one of the best solutions for increased employee productivity.

Enhances Brand Image

Brand image is vital for many businesses and organizations. It is also hard to achieve without the right amount of exposure. Custom eLearning Development allows for more exposure and unique ways to present a company’s brand image to the public. This can enhance your brand image and increase recognition in the community.

With custom e-learning development, employees will be able to do things more confidently and understand better what they are expected to do. In turn, business owners can increase their profits in a shorter period without increasing operational costs.


About Jamil Geor

Living and working in Auckland, New Zealand, Jamil Geor is a skilled entrepreneur, tech professional, and software developer who has more than two decades of experience working with companies ranging from Fortune 500 to startups to build and deliver software solutions. Now serving as the Director of Pattern, a software and technology consulting firm, Jamil Geor first started building the foundation of his knowledge and career at Auckland University of Technology – the third-largest university in New Zealand – where he enrolled in 1997. During his academic career, Jamil studied Business Computing and Applied Science with a specialization in Software Development.

While a student, Jamil worked with AA Insurance Ltd. as an Analyst Programmer who developed solutions and help manage IT infrastructure. Jamil Geor co-founded Cereteq Ltd. in 2002, where he worked as a Developer, offering psychometric and data analysis tools to enterprises both large and small throughout New Zealand. Later, Jamil left to join Deep Animation – where he started as a 3D Animator and Developer it was here that he started working for Go Virtual Medical as a Lead Developer. In this role, which he held for nearly three years, Jamil was responsible for developing and designing most of the platform code for his project while also assisting other developers.

From there, Jamil joined Ogilvy NZ Limited as a Senior Developer before joining SIMTICS in 2009 as Principal Architect. His duties included software architecture, project management, and managing customer and third-party relationships and day-to-day developments. In January 2011, he left SIMTICS Ltd. to found Pattern, a software development consultancy, which he has been running for the past decade.

As someone who’s dedicated most of his career to working in software development, Jamil Geor loves that the industry is always changing. He’s always developing new things and learning more about new business problems by understanding how organizations operate differently. Since there are constantly new developments and improvements, there are always new things to learn and more innovative ways to solve problems and create solutions.


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