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Nursery Class Admission Interview Preparation

by English Trainer 7 months ago in interview
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Interview Preparation

English Trainer

Nursery Class Admission Interview Q/Ans (Detail Study)

In this Article:

1- Importance Of Education

2- Why Do Schools Conduct Interview Before Taking Admission

3- Registration & Interview Confirmation

4- Points To Keep In Mind Before Attending Interview

5- Question - Answer Round

6- Additional Tips

1- Importance Of Education

Research suggests that careers of tomorrow depends on the education system of the present scenario. We as a parent want our children to become successful in life. Everyone needs a purpose to get better. And Education is the first step towards getting our desired goal.Education holds a very special place in each of us life. It :

• Develops excellent communication skills, • Builds confidence, • Shapes personality, • And last but not the least makes them ready for "Careers Of Tomorrow".

Each one of us has some quality hidden in us. Like some are good in painting, some in Writing, some in dancing and the list follows. It is only through education that we learn etiquette and at the same time we get the opportunity to polish our talents and make way for the future path.

Education is a mission driven platform. Now people have realised the importance of education whether urban or rural living people.Our children are the future citizens of our country. And in the development of any country participation really matters, and that can be possible only through education.

2- Why Do Schools Conduct Interview Before Taking Admission?

The purpose behind conducting interviews of child as well as parents is that they want to see the performance of the child. As each school has it's own reputation. They want to see whether the child is blank or smart as he/she knows something in advance.

Everyone wants suitable candidate. At the same time they also check the qualification of the parents. Whether they are capable of contributing in the Studies of their child. And how much they are interested in giving time to the studies of the child. As equal responsibility should be shared between both( school and parents ). As home is the first school and school is the second home.School and Home are the two sides of the same coin. Child needs equal participation of both whether its school or home. Both School and Home education go side by side.Schools prefer to admit child at the age of 3+ This is infact the right age for the child to be admitted.

3- Registration & Interview Confirmation

Each school has its own policies. Mostly Nursery admission form comes in the month of January end or February first week.You can fill the form online. Else you can collect the form from school office. You have fill the form correctly and fill the authentic information. Also paste the photograph of the child in the space provided. Avoid doing spelling mistakes 'As first impression is the last impression'.

Format of Form Details:

Candidate name- Age- Gender- Father's Name- Father's Qualification- Father's Occupation- Mother's Name- Mother's Qualification- Mother's Occupation- Contact Details- Office Address- Home Address- Religion- Caste- Category- Citizenship- Candidate Aadhaar Number- Father's Aadhaar Number- Mother's Aadhaar Number-

After filling the form, you have to submit the firm along with the application fee. ( Fee varies from school to school ). Then after few days you will get notification for Interview date through SMS Or mail.

Below I have given the video related to this topic. Watch this video to have a better understanding:

4- Points To Keep In Mind Before Attending Interview

• Dress Appropriately as first impression is the last impression. So dress formerly in order to make a good impression. Don't showcase your dress collection. Be simple and straightforward.

• Reach before time. Try to be present there before half an hour and don't forget to take the required credentials.

• Follow social cues like when your turn comes enter the room by taking permission. Don't sit unless you are asked to. Say good morning or good afternoon as per the interview time. Try to use thank you, sorry and please, whenever required. It helps in long way in creating a good impression.

5- Question - Answer Round

Here I have prepared a list of frequently asked questions:

1▪︎ What is your name? A▪︎ My name is Aarav Khan.

2▪︎How old are you? OR What is your age? A▪︎ I am 4 years old.

3▪︎ Where do you live? A▪︎ I live in Kanchanbagh, Hyderabad.

4▪︎ When is your birthday? A▪︎ 10th November.

5▪︎ Do you have siblings (brother or sister)? A▪︎ Yes, I have one younger brother.

6▪︎ What is the name of your younger brother? A▪︎ Zaarun khan.

7▪︎ What is your Father's name? A ▪︎ My father's name is..........................

8▪︎ What is your mother's name? A▪︎ My mother's name is....................

9▪︎ What your father do? A▪︎ My father is a businessman or my father is a doctor.

10▪︎ What your mother do? A▪︎ My mother is a housewife or my mother is a teacher.

11▪︎ Can you tell me your father's mobile number? A▪︎ ..........................

12▪︎ What is your grandfather name? A ▪︎ .....................

13▪︎ What is your grandmother name? A ▪︎ .....................

14▪︎ Which is your favourite colour? A▪︎ Red & Blue.

15▪︎ Can you name this colour ( By showing some figure or object)? A▪︎ Yes, Red.

16▪︎ Do you love animals? A▪︎ Yes, I do.

17▪︎ Tell me the name of your favourite animal? A▪︎ Dog.

18▪︎ Do you have a pet at home? A▪︎ Yes, One dog I have.

19▪︎ Which animal is this ( again show one figure and ask )? A▪︎ Tiger.

20▪︎ Tell me which is your favourite fruit? A▪︎ Apple and Grapes.

21▪︎ What is the colour of Apple? A▪︎ Red.

22▪︎ Which is your favourite cartoon? A▪︎ Ninja Hattori.

23▪︎ Do you know ABCD... can you Read? A▪︎ Yes.

24▪︎ Tell me A for Apple or Orange? A▪︎ Apple.

25▪︎ Can you read numbers from 1 to 50? A▪︎ Yes, 123456.......

26▪︎ Can you name body parts? A▪︎ Eyes, Nose, lips, teeth etc.

27▪︎ Tell me five colours name? A ▪︎ Green, red, Blue, black and white.

28▪︎ Tell me five animals name? A ▪︎ Lion, tiger, monkey, elephant and zebra.

29▪︎ Tell me five vegetables name? A ▪︎ Potato, brinjal, cabbage, ladyfinger, and peas.

30▪︎ What is your hobby? A▪︎ To watch cartoon channel OR to play with my toys.

6- Additional Tips

If you are planning for the enrollment of your child in nursery class then take alternative to your preferred school. In case your child not get admitted in one then at that situation you should have other choices to consider.

• Start preparing your child atleast six months prior. • On daily basis ask questions in English like their name, age, address etc. • Give them knowledge about colours, fruits, vegetables, animals. • Teach your child about cleanliness. Your child should know how to tidy up. At the same time how to clean our environment whether its home, school or other surroundings. • Teach them Social cues like thank you, sorry, please, your welcome. They should know where and how to use these social cues. • Teach them how to use gestures while talking. Example- some children got this habit of biting the nails or sucking the thumb. Right from today onwards try to remove these bad habits. • Prepare yourself - As you will also be asked questions about your work, interest, qualification and lifestyle. In case if you both are working, then how you contribute to your child's studies. These types of questions are asked. So you will need to prepare yourself accordingly.


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