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Nothing is impossible in science

Nothing is impossible in science

By FaizanPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

You have often heard this phrase from "people" that "it is impossible" but let me tell you that impossible is an English word, not a science word. Nothing is impossible in science. All the great scientists of the past had taken out the word "Impossible" from their own "dictionary". Because the word had no value with them. In science, no "question" can be wrong, if someone can find an answer.

Curiosity and exploration are natural in human nature. We have always been trying to unlock the secrets of this universe. In this quest, we have had many successes and also faced many failures. But one thing we have learned in the meantime is that nothing is impossible in science.

Examples of impossibilities in the history of science:

There are many examples in the history of science where the impossible has been made possible. For example, there was a time when people believed that the earth was flat. But then Galileo proved that the earth is round. Similarly, there was a time when people believed that humans could not fly. Then the airplane was created by the Wright brothers.

If someone tells you to put 500 small grains in a one-inch space, then your answer will be the same. That it is impossible. But if the same guy says to put 5500 grains on 0.5 inch, then you would probably call him crazy. If the same person says to put the same 500 tiny grains in 0.01-inch space, then if you are a temperamental person, you will definitely give him a hard slap right away.

But the "Microelectronic Engineers" have done an even bigger feat,,,,,,, because the memory card in your mobile, has up to a billion flip flops. One flip-flop is one bit. store data but if your memory card is 1GB, then it contains 8 billion flip flops. If it is 64GB it contains 512000000000 flip flops, but if this memory card is 128GB it contains 124000000000 flip flops. A flip flop is a circuit that is heavily "used" by engineers to store data.

The purpose of telling was that nothing is impossible here.

Various scientists have played an important role in making the impossible possible. Following are the names of some of these scientists:

Galileo: Galileo established that the world is round rather than flat. His finding altered our conception of the cosmos.

Isaac Newton: Newton discovered the law of gravitation. This law helped us understand how the universe works.

Albert Einstein: Einstein proposed the theory of relativity. This theory helped us understand how time and space are interconnected.

Marie Curie: Marie Curie discovered radioactivity. This discovery helped us to make many new discoveries in the field of nuclear energy and medicine.

Thomas Edison: Thomas Edison invented the light bulb and many other electrical devices. His inventions made our lives much easier۔

Alexander Graham Bell: Bell is credited with creating the telephone. Communication has changed as a result of this technology.

The Wright Brothers: The airplane was created by the Wright brothers. We now have the ability to fly because of this invention.

Leinster Armstrong: Leinster Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon. This event opened a new chapter in our exploration of the universe.

These are just a few examples of how scientists are working to make the impossible possible in the future. Their efforts can make our world a better place.

Some possible future discoveries include:

Cancer treatment: Scientists are finding new ways to treat cancer. They hope that one day they will be able to completely eradicate this deadly disease.

Aging Treatment: Scientists are looking for ways to slow or stop the aging process. They hope that one day people will be able to live healthy and active lives.

Space Travel: Scientists are looking for ways to make space travel easier and cheaper. They hope that one day humans will be able to live on other planets.

The word impossible describes something that is not possible according to our current knowledge and understanding. But that doesn't necessarily mean it will be impossible forever. As our knowledge and understanding increases, so will the limits of the impossible.

Essentials to make the impossible possible:

It takes many things to make the impossible possible. The most important of these is curiosity and the spirit of exploration. Apart from this, patience, hard work and dedication are also essential.


Nothing is impossible in science. If we have determination and courage, we can make anything possible

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  • Toby Heward3 months ago

    Anyone can become like our forefather scientists.

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