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New Generation E-Business Resource Guide (in a Post Covid World)

by Madhu Kumar C 2 months ago in how to
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Single Window To Global Opportunities and Technologies For Business Owners/Entrepreneurs

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This article might serve as a Resource Guide for Digital Workers or as a resource tool or as an opportunities building guide or also as a platform for newbies or existing to understand available technology platforms/opportunities including for self-employed individuals and especially for aspiring Business Owners or Entrepreneurs and even help in enlightening the existing struggling business owners and entrepreneurs in dealing with business operations or for those struggling with creating new business opportunities.

This article provides about awareness that will help in improving the mindset and understanding the digital medium opportunities for generating leads/sales and sustaining the businesses in a post-CovidWorld including overall self and business development in the long term.

Due to the pandemic, it is obvious to say that, many people are exploring the opportunities of bringing their dreams into reality either establishing a business or create new business avenues or ventures or develop a new stream of income for a business. The situation has arisen that, there is a need for connecting oneself or a business to online mode to sustain and compete in today's Digital Revolution.

The thought process during the pandemic period has sparked unlimited feelings in the mindset of the people who are thinking of creating a business either as a second career or second income source to avoid any future emergencies to deal with and for other people, who had lost their income or suffered from job loss, it is a gunpoint situation that is making them bring their skills or talent or expertise into an online business mode to sustain the situation and to meet long term oneself/business and overall commitments.

Any business model requires marketing to sell its product or service. The traditional methods are slowly occupied by aggressive Digital Marketing strategies to overcome the situation to help businesses or venture in generating leads/sales opportunities. Now, Digital Marketing is rescuing the situation for struggling businesses and for newbies, this is a boon to utilize its potential for their Business Development purposes. Henceforth, Digital Marketing plays a vital role for any business and it also emerging future prospects in a post-pandemic period and never to be underestimated.

Digital Marketing is the online promotion of products or services through various online channels like social media, articles, blogs, websites, forums, groups by utilizing strategies of E-mail marketing, Video Sales Marketing, Google Ads Marketing, Bing Marketing, Facebook Ads Marketing, Quora Ads Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing and other online platforms from free (organic) and paid promotion ways/strategies.

In the Digital Marketing Industry, work on hands experience (practical exposure and understanding the basics) is highly important than a course certificate, of course, this will be provided by the agency/institute in which you learn. The reason is simple — it will develop your confidence.

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A) Business Mindset Tips For New Startups/Businesses/Newbies:

  1. Work with a positive mindset irrespective of the situations around you as long as you believe in yourself and in the idea on which you have started the business.
  2. Create a product or service which is MARKET FIT — NOT FIT TO MARKET!
  3. Dont expect the results very quickly, everything has its own time. Your duty is to focus and be consistent with your works in your business.
  4. Where ever possible, seek the financial expert's help for any planning to understand the Pros and Cons.
  5. Probably, first 2–3 years, you need to grind yourself/struggle to settle yourself and the business to take in control.
  6. If you have a team of people working with you, treat them as your assets.
  7. Make some time to spend with your family.
  8. Spend at least 15 mins either in meditation or by prayer.
  9. Read Books like Rich Dad Poor Dad and any other financial education awareness books. Make it a habit.
  10. We often see setbacks or failures, it’s OK/fine, don’t worry, move on.
  11. Stick to discipline and time management — very important.
  12. Remove the ego factor and work with the team.
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B) How To Create Product or Service:

  1. Understand opportunities
  2. Understand gaps
  3. Understand market/customers’ pain points (you can do market survey/micro-niche survey).
  4. Understand audience type.
  5. Understand geographical interests.
  6. Explore future scale-up opportunities.
  7. Understand business sustainability factors.
  8. Overall, to ensure product/service is MARKET FIT — NOT FIT TO MARKET!
  9. You might explore raise funds for your new startup/business

C) How To Create An Opportunity:

  1. Just understand and think of the below steps and you have the opportunity created by yourself with the below guidance:
  2. Explore or make a list on what are the problems the society or community or business faces in routine life based on your area of expertise or in an area which you love to do either it may be your passion or talent or skill or knowledge.
  3. Identify the problems and gaps list.
  4. Think, could you able to solve those gaps and bridge the problem-solving model with your unique product or service that might help the community to buy and get rid of the prevailing problem they are facing.
  5. Work with a team of like-minded people to build or create or innovate a business model around and that’s where your new business opportunity gets created and not only the developed countries, the developing countries also start exploring your product or service in their life/businesses.
  6. In simple to say, the more the bigger problem you solve, your likely chances of success are more.
  7. Offer a FREE trial, get the feedback, fix the bugs, and fine-tune the product or service and build the business.
  8. Opportunites can be creating a product or service or automation or software or course or anything that either helps in reducing the pain or providing pleasure compared to the present levels of the audience/prospects.
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    D) What Features To Be Included In Your Business Website:
  1. About and Expertise
  2. What are the pain points of customers/prospects, your products or business services will solve
  3. Testimonials/Social proof/Reviews
  4. Contact Information/Customer Support.
  5. Images of the Head of the department heads and their previous brief track record to establish authority and trust.
  6. Connect website to social media platforms to drive traffic and increase engagements and vice versa.
  7. Any guarantee statements like 30 days or 60 days or 100% like features or like money refund policy to ensure risk-free.
  8. Try to engage with minimum pages on the website with engaging content and this might help to avoid the distraction of the prospect engaging on your site.
  9. Brand Always Talks! You might have heard this right!

E) Why Digital Marketing Is Necessary For Business?

  1. It helps to generate greater leads/sales in business.
  2. It helps business services or products reach a greater audience across the nation and globe.
  3. It can present brand image in front of the world within a short duration by its various verticals of Digital Marketing strategies through Facebook Ads Marketing, Google Ads Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing and so on including how to understand customer mindset, audience targeting, and the whole science-based sales process (prospect to consumer).
  4. If you are a beginner/newbie, Digital Marketing helps you for job-ready or might also help you to set up your own business (even to start with small at a solo level before you take it to next level).
  5. It helps to build passive income for those looking for side jobs bringing in more creativity and the best part is, you know how to create your own website, how to publish articles/blogs, how to write content, how to create your own resume required in a Digital Marketing career and so on.
  6. It develops passion in you to use technology for any kind of purpose you want for yourself from a career point of view and also your business point of view in the future.
  7. This can be considered as an additional skill, you can use it for any purpose.
  8. But, in today’s generation and the digital revolution, to compete yourself in the world, this skill is not voluntary, it’s becoming mandatory for your career growth; directly or indirectly.
  9. In view of the majority of the businesses moving online to compete in the market for business survival in a post-pandemic world, this is a great tool for one’s overall development.
  10. This is also a boon for those seeking or eager to learn and earn and become a confident digital marketer to stand different from the crowd. Know more.

E1) How Can You Become Confident Digital Marketer:

1. Learn Digital Marketing Knowledge (under mentorship, the theory doesn’t work).

2. Follow the assignments seriously during the course.

3. Dedicate a few hours a day to learning and testing the ideas which you have learned from the course.

4. Create and update all your social media platforms.

5. Create and post content related to the Niche/area of your interest in social media pages or it may be your business-related.

6. Keep ready with the FB Business Manager Account.

7. Build your own website based on your interested area or topic or any Niche that you would love and engage with.

8. Try to create your own audience base on social media platforms by posting engaging content and also provide value (free resource/information from time to time).

9. Learn, Try, Test, Fail, and Succeed as you start working and keep consistent in trying new ways of working in Digital Marketing. Never stop learning.

10. Take the guidance from mentors/tutors wherever necessary for your support in the process of developing yourself in a Digital Marketing Career.

11. Never stop learning new things or techniques.

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F) Ensure below in your business advertising or promotion strategies:

  1. Copywriting — Sales conversation on print/words.
  2. Sales — Before state — After state — Transformation
  3. Golden rule — Never ever sell the product — Always sell the transformation.
  4. Headline — Promise what brand product/service does to prospects.
  5. Pose a problem
  6. Agitate the problem
  7. Tell a story — before finding the solution — how the product was found and after obtaining the solution.
  8. Offer the solution with a list of benefits and features and clear issues about the product brand or self-doubt of the prospects.
  9. Call to action to engage on the product to service.
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G) Here are some cold hard facts about Online Business:

  1. They grow FAST.
  2. Costs & overhead are very low.
  3. Software and tools help make jobs easier.
  4. Getting started has a learning phase (unless you have training that speeds it up).
  5. You can work anywhere, anytime, from a laptop, without leaving the house or interacting with anyone.
  6. You get to enjoy time with your family, your loved ones & friends.
  7. You can make enough to quit your 9–5 job.
  8. You can AUTOMATE the business so you don’t need to work all day on growing it.
  9. By doing more of what works, and less of what doesn’t, it’s easier to scale and be more successful. Online business thrives even in a bad economy.

H) Marketing Plan For Business:

1. It helps in reaching products or services to a mass audience in a short time based on budgetary aspects.

2. Lays framework for increasing leads/sales/conversions

3. To scale up the business.

4. To gain popularity in social media platforms or digital mediums.

5. To reach business targets.

6. To utilize the Digital Marketing channel to grow business from locally to regionally to nationally to internationally.

7. It also helps in joint ventures possibility.

I) Below are the various platforms from which you can drive the traffic to your business website:

  1. Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest
  2. Tumblr/LinkedIn/Twitter
  3. Online Forums/Groups.
  4. Social Media groups/pages.
  5. Articles/Blogs
  6. Medium, Vocal Media and Hubpages platforms and alike platforms where people engage more.

J) How To Drive Traffic To Your Site/Blog?

Create and update all your social media profiles (Facebook/Pinterest/Instagram/Tumblr).

  1. Post about your website/blog or about your products or services in your posts on a routine basis (in the initial days on daily basis).
  2. Create social media page profile (like FB page or group) and post about your products or services to gain the attention of your profile by audience or viewers. Write in brief, how could your product will help the community (the market sale principle: the product should either solve the pain of the consumer or provide relief/pleasure, in which they are already facing some pain point problems/undergoing pain situations)
  3. You may post-in-network or online forums with consent (but don’t spam).
  4. Provide some discounts for the first few months or coupons/deals to attract an audience. Engage the audience with your unique ways.
  5. These steps slowly build visitor attention on your website/blog or profile. Try to use social media to best possible as these are the platforms where people will spend more time.
  6. The above are all organic traffic ways (free).
  7. You can also hire a digital marketer/social media marketer for your online business promotion/marketing/advertising needs -a paid promotion strategy. (Small and medium scale business generally hire marketing agencies).
  8. If you can learn Digital Marketing, you can also save time and money in promotion of your business and you will also be exposed to various forms of marketing, basics of marketing, persuasion principles, psychology perspective of the prospect/customer that will help you a lot that can be implemented as suiting to your business needs in attracting leads/sales. Learn more.
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K) How To Develop Your Personal Branding:

  1. Create social media profile/accounts
  2. Identify the Niche/area of your interest.
  3. Start posting content on a routine basis.
  4. Create social media channels like FB Group or FB Page.
  5. Engage viewers/audience with useful content.
  6. Let the contents be engaging with some attractive or creative images/visuals/videos.
  7. Post contents that are useful to today’s needs.
  8. Try to grab the attention with your writing skills.
  9. Ensure, your photo is included in your profile for audience attention and there is a human operating.
  10. Do these on a routine basis and your personal branding increases gradually.
  11. More the value you provide, the authority or trust in you will be developed.

L) Digital Marketing Strategies:

Below are the different types of Digital Marketing Services being used for online marketing purposes in a business.

Generally, the majority of businesses use E-mail Marketing and Facebook Ads Marketing. Affiliate Marketing has grown popular in a post-pandemic world and businesses are integrating this method in their business marketing strategy.

  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Facebook Ads Marketing
  • Quora Ads Marketing
  • Linked In Ads Marketing
  • Twitter Ads Marketing
  • Google Ads Marketing
  • Bing Ads Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Video Sales Marketing/Youtube Marketing.
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M) What are the Online Income/Online Business/Side Hustle Opportunities Available?

To be honest, as long as you are committed and focused on the selected way of earning income online, nothing feels to be simple and easy.

Select the method of business or explore an interest in which you are an expert at either from your hobby or passion or skill or talent that you can monetize.

Below are the current trending best ways that have the potential to earn income online (either active or passive as you desire) and the best part of these is that most of them are work from home jobs/hustles/businesses influenced by Digital Revolution in a Post Pandemic environment and these will be in trend in coming years also:

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Dropshipping and Drop Servicing
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Digital Products Creation and Selling Business
  5. Online Tutoring/Mentoring/Online Counselling
  6. Business Coach.
  7. Direct Selling Business/Network Marketing Business
  8. Working on Freelancing Platforms like Fiverr, Truelancer, and Freelancer (Sell Your Skills and Earn Income)
  9. Conduct Music/Dance Classes/Blogging
  10. Proof Reading and Content Writing/Resume Writing
  11. Lead Generation/Sales Funnel Builder/Expert
  12. Bookkeeping and Music Licensing.
  13. Think of any idea or skills or hobby or Niche/area of your interest in your life that can make you earn income and explore such opportunities.

Success Tips:

  1. Be consistent in your efforts
  2. Stick to work for few hours or as per your choice in a day.
  3. These are not quick-rich types, they are long-term success approach-based opportunities.
  4. Just compete with yourself while working on any of the above.
  5. Master the one among the above or anything you think that you can monetize either through your talent or skill or hobby or passion or things you would love to do, explore more!
  6. Invest in yourself for reaping long-term results and success.
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N) Those Who Are Exploring To Work In Affiliate Marketing Online Business:

I suggest you read the below-detailed information that might help you in the long term which you should know if you are planning to work in Affiliate Marketing Online Business.

Affiliate Marketing is promoting other person’s or other company’s products or services to market/audience/customers and if someone purchases through your reference or your referral link or affiliate link, then you earn a commission on each sale.

You need to drive traffic/audience/customer to affiliate products by safe professional practices either through your social media platforms or blogs or articles or videos or any online methods and if these customers and those interested in your products if they buy through your affiliate link, you earn a commission on each sale.

Yes, due to the pandemic situations, people are rushing to seek opportunities to supplement income online due to several effects caused by the pandemic outbreak. There has been also another group of people seeking Financial Freedom and are eager to quit their hectic day Job or 9–5 job or 9–9 job and progressively seeking information on work from Home opportunity business so as to lead a life on their own terms.

In this context, Affiliate Marketing provides work from home Online Business Entrepreneurship Opportunity who is seriously seeking income online by working in this Industry. For those having Digital Marketing skills, this is a boon, and for those, not to get sad, with minimal tech experience or zero experience, there are ways also to enter and work in this Affiliate Marketing Industry.

The only change you need is your positive mindset and your continued efforts to succeed in this business. Think of it as a business and then your thinking gets broad. Any business takes its own time to get prosper, right!. But this Industry has the highest potential in today’s Digital Revolution to start with this Affiliate Marketing Business, provided your mindset and efforts are in place.

With the development of the online marketing industry and growing Digital Marketing tools day to day, for serious persons, planning to work in this industry is not at all a hurdle. Focus, Focus and Focus, this industry is going to boom like anything in the next several years because businesses want sales and in turn, they are slowly adopting Affiliate Marketing Programmed in their business operations to enroll affiliate and create a win-win business situation for both and thus creating an online platform to work on.

Businesses/Companies have already thought, the expenses which they incur on marketing will be higher when compared to expenses that they can gain from Affiliate who promote their products/services and offering huge commissions (minimum 50–90%) that will boost the confidence of the affiliates and as well as the business to run the sales operations.

So, it’s right to step in at the right moment to regain your momentum to financial freedom through this one of the emerging massive Industry those who are really thinking of working in.

Ofcourse, any business needs investment, here with a minimal investment like web domain and hosting charges, Ads running expenses, and some online tool expenses/charges. You can invest as you earn more accordingly to scale up this business, but the plus point is, this industry has the massive potential to get better ROI (return on investment) over the period and you need to work on it consistently without losing your focus and a positive mindset.

N1) Below are the important factors:

  1. Basic is to understand the Affiliate Marketing Business preferably from an affiliate marketer/mentor who can deliver the knowledge required for beginner/aspiring affiliate marketers and already experience the business market and can understand what is to be enlightened to newbies.
  2. The majority of the affiliate marketers fail not understanding what to do and they simply, paste the affiliate links and create a spammy mood!. To be understood: Right knowledge, right steps, right gains in the future!
  3. Work in a Niche in which you love or confident about.
  4. Always ensure to deliver value before the sales pitch.
  5. Build trust among your audience/network/followers.
  6. Provide routine value to your community.
  7. Once an authority is established, then your affiliate products promotion will work for you gradually.
  8. Value can be like free e-books, free tips/strategies, and alike.
  9. Dont spamming links anywhere and safe affiliate practices to be followed.
  10. Build a Niche-specific website to get more leads.
  11. Never stop learning.
  12. Building E-mail lists is a crucial factors for long term success.

N2) You can get the free traffic in the below ways:

  1. Write an article or blog around the product you want to promote and drive traffic.
  2. You can use affiliate resources to build your article or blog including images and videos.
  3. In between these, embed your affiliate links and when someone reads your article when they click on this link, they move to the affiliate products page [But always ensure, create some Bridge page or warm-up page or landing page or pre-sell page before driving traffic to the main sales page and this is good practice.
  4. Create and update all your social media accounts like Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and try to post routinely about products of your interest and create some interesting titles to make catchy so that audience can look into your post or article or blog.
  5. You can create a Facebook page or group and post about your products.
  6. Dont do spam of links.
  7. To summarize, article/blogs and social media posts are the freeways of driving audience traffic with creativity and curiosity-based posts.

N3) Landing Page is required and is a professional practice while working in Affiliate Marketing Online Business.

This helps you in the below ways:

  1. Many platforms don’t allow to link directly the affiliate links, else the account will be disabled.
  2. Bridge Page/Landing Page/Pre-sell page helps you in capturing an e-mail list (which you can send offers to your prospects later or in the future or even reminders to existing offers) and this page will warm up the audience before reaching to affiliate products sales page. Even ads if you do require a landing page mandatory.
  3. It builds your credibility or trust by the prospects or customers and gives a good impression of a professional way of online affiliate marketing.
  4. N4) My honest suggestions to you are to go through the below steps that might help you in the long term results:

    1. Have a thorough idea about Affiliate Marketing Knowledge — this helps you to prepare you to know what to be done, why to be done, how to be done with your affiliate products links. You also know Dos and Donts of this business.
    2. Making money online from affiliate marketing is possible as long as you provide some value to your audience/followers/your group based on the Niche/area of your interest.
    3. Dont spam with your links anywhere, else your account might get blocked.
    4. Try to provide some valuable information on the affiliate product to those in need and you need to identify that audience, gain trust gradually, and then have your sales or earning money at the backend.
    5. In the Affiliate marketing business, providing value is very important than being a sales motive initially.
    6. So, you will learn how to earn money from your affiliate links/affiliate products from the various beginner’s strategies in the course.
    7. Few examples like Amazon links are allowed in some social media sites, but not the majority of affiliate products. There should be some bridge page/landing page or pre-sell page between your affiliate product ads to sales page or write an article about the affiliate product, then insert affiliate links inside the articles (embed with hyperlinks) and then share it to your network who are in need of such products. When someone finds it interesting, they may click the link and explore the product.
    8. Knowledge provides you the confidence to work in this business and work professionally that helps you to earn money online in the long term.
    9. The majority of aspiring affiliate marketers fail because of inadequate knowledge and don’t know how to use safe and best practices while earning money using affiliate products or affiliate links.

N5) Below are some of the tools which are normally used by experienced Affiliate Marketers:

  1. Trained Affiliate Marketing Knowledge about its business.
  2. Canva or Pexels or Pixabay — free images/videos to use for later use for Ads/social media posts or promo purposes.
  3. Landing Page Builder/E-mail Marketing software
  4. Having your own website.
  5. Get affiliated to affiliated networks like ClickBank, Digistore 24, Max Bounty, JV Zoo, Amazon, Warrior Plus, and any other popular in your country that has such programs. Work on products in which you are expert at or passionate about which should be your first priority or as per earning commission potential.
  6. Stable internet connection with Laptop.
  7. Positive Mindset and Consistent approach to work in this field in the long term perspective.
  8. This business is not a quick-rich scheme. Learn more.

O) How To Increase Success In Generating Leads/Sales:

  1. No one wants to be sold, so try to give some free gifts like a free e-book, free checklist, free videos, free insights, and any other that has the best value to the prospects/customers that makes their first best impression about your product or company which is known as Lead Magnet in exchange of getting lead information.
  2. Once your lead magnet has the potential to satisfy some pain points of the customers/prospects, they respect you, and slowly a trust factor develops on your brand or product, or company.
  3. After getting leads, the next half part is having a strong sales process or sales page or sales team to close the deal with the customer by connecting with them either personally or online or IM channels.
  4. Integrate marketing automation tools to be in constant thought with the prospects based on the lead obtained by sending series of emails (it should not feel too spammy kind) not too salesy pitch.
  5. Project the bonus offer values of the product or service in which you want to sell to be very higher than the core offer in which you are selling to the customer to make feel, they are getting some high/free bonuses worth and that Psychology collapses they deny attitude.
  6. Wherever possible, close the deals on phone. Start by mail and finish by call.
  7. Provide some discounts if you cannot provide bonus materials like bundle offer or time-limited offer.
  8. Engage with the prospects even those who have not purchased your product or service by mail from time to time (gap of days or months) and gradually, this feels prospects, that you are the authority, trust factor improves, provide bits and pieces of value in your communication. In the long run, he will purchase the product either the same product or another offer. This is due to relationships established over the period.
  9. Wherever possible, collect the feedback or handle the objections with calm and agree on the situation from the prospect’s perspective. Then try to crush those reasons in which the prospect is not buying by understanding the reasons by any flexibility offers or methods or annual offers (savings).
  10. All the above steps gradually will result in increasing sales from time to time. Learn more strategies from this book.

P) Those Who Plan To Explore To Build Personal Branding Through Instagram:

  1. For marketing, the main platforms are where the audience spends their most of their available time. Out of which, Instagram is one of the popular social platforms people hang out with.
  2. When the audience are there, there are likely chances of viewing several contents on its platforms either for pleasure/time spending/engaging activities. Promoting products will help the audience capture the promoted product and likely engage on the product and eventually, with such continual efforts, might turn out into lead or sale.
  3. For this, you need to build your profile around the product and post content making attractive and engaging types with some images. When you have a huge list of engaging posts/images on your profile, then more interactions/engaging activity increases, your profile boost happens slowly and free (even without ads).
  4. Build your profile like an authority or trust you can build in your audience/followers so that in the future, they can purchase your product while engaging with your profile.
  5. Whatever the product you want to promote, use that link in your Instagram Bio profile link. People have a general tendency to click this to get more information and then your product page opens for them and you might end up with a lead/sale.
  6. This is a continuous process. You might also look at the competitor profiles as guidance (but don't copy)
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Q) Using Facebook For Business (while engaging and providing value):

  1. Are You Thinking Facebook is a saturated platform and you are unable to get adequate engagements/leads/sales because of competition?
  2. We need eyeballs on us in order to grow our income and business! Poor cash flow and lack of marketing skills are two of the biggest reasons that many people quit or are forced to close their business. Both of these problems come from not getting enough eyeballs on you, your product, or service and converting them to buyers!
  3. Attracting quality leads from Facebook’s huge database only comes from marketing effectively with a proven strategy that works with the algorithm and not just hoping that people come to us or playing the spam game.
  4. If nobody sees our content, if we can’t build connections and get people engaged, we will not make the sales in the long term. If you are taking the time to post, you know that your message is important and that more people need to see it. There is a process you need to engage the audience by also providing a value that makes the audiences/prospects explore your profile/product/service.
  5. Then you need to learn the rules of engagement for the Facebook algorithm. Engage post with curiosity-based, use minimum 1 minute short videos, use less written content in image posts, use FB live features, FB event features, post consistently, engage with those who react to your posts.
  6. The more you engage your audience, the likely chances of your profile or page, or group pops up to top-level and also shown to other audience pages and groups. There should be a ‘buzz environment’ happening in your profile or page or group that would help prospects get connected or engaged. Always ensure value first. [Extracts from SocialSellers website]Learn more if you want to explore additional strategies.
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R) Top Mistakes To Be Avoided:

  1. Working without knowledge.
  2. Expecting results to get quicker.
  3. Quitting at the earliest without consistent efforts.
  4. Attempting too many programs than focussing on one that would fetch them income or desired results.
  5. Not having the patience to work.
  6. Spamming with links.
  7. Not investing in domain knowledge. There is no FREE lunch. Learn and Earn should be the motive.
  8. Indiscipline working hours.
  9. Not using social media platforms effectively (without abuse).
  10. Working with half knowledge.
  11. Not being confident.
  12. Not working with a positive mindset.
  13. Understand: No one wants to be sold, understand pain points and provide value. Sell the transformation, not the product.
  14. Shortcut success doesn’t live a long time.

S) Exploring Messenger Bot Based Marketing:

  1. Messenger Bot Based Marketing System can be leveraged to function as a CRM through the subscriber manager, it has never been possible to tag and track your leads throughout their journey in your funnel like this. Send scheduled automated follow-ups, notifications, and more via Messenger, SMS, and email!
  2. Messenger Bots systems are stated to save up to 30% in operational costs such as advertising, customer interaction, support, and sales automation. If you advertise with Facebook Ads, it is reported that you can easily save 25% on your advertising costs just by using Messenger Bot’s interest explorer to reveal hidden interests not targetable by other advertisers outside of the API. This is a game-changer.
  3. Not only that, but you can combine this all together with powerful automation to scale your brand to a level you never thought was possible before. Such systems generally stated to save up to 25–30% in operational costs such as customer interaction, support, and sales automation. [Source: Messenger Bot]
Source: Pixabay

T) Eager To Learn Marketing Strategies:

Never stop learning to understand the emerging marketing technologies or strategies and explore how best these fit into your business domain from the leads/sales point of view. Any business needs updated knowledge and updated skills. It’s also time to upskill Yourself to beat the competition in this Digital Revolution world. One thing to be ensured, no one can push hard on us except ourselves! for creating transformation success.

U) Blogging For Business:

  1. Blogging is a long-term strategy. Honestly, no quick process.
  2. Results are way longer to get.
  3. You need to be consistent in working on your blog on a routine basis.
  4. When your content in your blog engages more audience, the likely chances of your objective will be met.
  5. Ensure the contents in your blog are suitable to the current generation audience and there you should provide some value to the community.
  6. If you can connect your blog with an audience, your follower base will increase gradually.
  7. There is a requirement of hard work to earn from blogging.
  8. Blogging is like nurturing a baby to an adult.

U1) Blogging Niche:

Below are the trending at the moment:

  1. Weight Loss Niche
  2. Online Income Niche
  3. Software Niche
  4. Online Course Niche
  5. Online Business Niche
  6. Any other niche based on your interest or passion or in the subject domain you are an expert at, you may explore that since you will be having subject control and you can establish authority or personal branding in that domain among the community.
  7. Empower yourself with the knowledge to move towards the success path in blogging.

V) E-mail Marketing For Business:

Importance of Email Marketing in 2021: STATS SAYS

So why is email marketing so popular? Because it has an incredible ROI, can be used for multiple purposes, and it converts! The stats below prove it:

  • 21% of sent emails are opened within the first hour of delivery.
  • Email marketing boasts a 4200% ROI ($42 for every $1 spent).
  • 59% of B2B marketers prefer email for lead generation.
  • Email is 40% better at converting (in comparison to Facebook and Twitter).
  • 40% of B2B marketers claim that email newsletters are the most important tactic in their content marketing strategy.
  • 37% of respondents name email as the most effective channel for customer loyalty and retention, while websites were named by 13% and social media by only 11%.
  • Marketing and advertising emails influence the buying decision of 50.7% of customers.
  • Email marketing is mostly used for lead generation (85%), sales (84%), lead nurturing (78%), and customer retention (74%). [Source:]
  • Now, you know why E-mail Marketing is important for your Business/Startup/Service to grow and sustain.

W) Influencer Marketing:

  1. To gain the attraction of the product or service being promoted.
  2. Already existed followers or audience base which helps easily to promote to a mass audience.
  3. Increased chances of leads/sales.
  4. Prominence factor.
  5. Trending form of marketing (gaining attention nowadays).
  6. Faster pace to popularity.
Source: Pixabay

X) Marketing Traffic Sources:

  • Social Media Platforms.
  • Social Media Groups.
  • Your website.
  • Youtube Channel
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Paid Ads like Facebook Ads, Quora Ads, and Linkedin Ads.
  • Automation Tools.
  • E-mail marketing.
  • Instant Messaging Platforms.
  • Use Whatsapp Status space to gain audience attraction.
  • Use FB Stories.
  • Affiliates Traffic.
Source: Image Created Through Canva

Y) Facebook Groups For Business:

  1. If you have a FB group, how much time do you spend approving new members into your FB group every month? An hour? five hours? Ten or more? Do you have a Virtual Assistant do it? The reason I ask is, explore better ways of approving new group members at scale, AND collect their welcome questions/answers. That means their emails too… so that this serves as an asset to promote your products or services in the long term!
  2. In case you’re not already collecting people’s emails, then you might explore this option. It’s the easiest way to generate tons of free leads as long as your group is growing. But sometimes, it also becomes a pain to have to copy and paste everyone’s names, emails, over and over again right? Still, it’s powerful and effective.
  3. You can also explore your criteria, collects their name/emails/questions, and put them into a spreadsheet or into your email service provider. You may need autoresponders to make your tasks easily that helps in reducing your time and energy and on the other hand, helping to build your leads. Know more.
Source: Pixabay

Z) Explore Converting Your Expertise Into Online Business:

  • You may be thinking of monetizing your expertise and spend more time doing what you love? Right! But, you feel stuck somewhere. Have you heard that the “online course industry” is growing rapidly? There isn’t a better time to get your online course business up and running!
  • It is also high time for creating your own online course and make money online possibilities. You can make money by teaching what you love to students anywhere in the world! This way you can take your passion or creativity into online business mode. Thousands of entrepreneurs like you have already started to explore such options.

Such a system also helps in the below manner:

  1. Rather than presenting the same presentation material or same conveying matter repeatedly, you can create a knowledge resource in the form of an online course module and you can use it in your business.
  2. If you want to convey any business module or introductory business module to your clients, create an online module and send it to the clients.
  3. Set up the training courses as an Online module and can be utilized for training the workforce effectively.
  4. If you have any special expertise which you want to monetize to earn some passive income for your business or even mainstream income, create that expertise or talent, or skill into an online course and you can sell it in the market as an online course module.
  5. Online courses help in orientation programs also in saving time and money.
  6. Here the effort is one time, but the revenue or earnings will be recurring. You can tweak the system based on feedback from the users from time to time.

AA) Youtube Channel For Business:

  1. Youtube is one of the hot sources of traffic. But the competition is high.
  2. In order to get good quality traffic, you need to engage the audience with free advice-based or value-based information and make them feel you are valued based on the contents you present.
  3. Be more genuine in your content to engage the audience.
  4. Try to have some stories to engage the audience including the pain points and what are the solutions your video might provide the audience so that, they can follow you.
  5. The objective initially should not be the traffic, good quality content, and engaging valued information which is very useful for the audience.
  6. Once your video creates interest in the audience, they start following in the long term automatically after subscribing to your channel.
  7. As more audience engages, the Youtube algorithm pushes your video to more viewers. Subscribers base will start increasing gradually and you will have good traffic. Learn more.
Source: Image Created Through Canva

BB) Many Newbies/Business Owners/Aspiring Entrepreneurs/Existing Local Business Community Friends sometimes struggle in the below ways:

1. Where Can I Get all the Online Business Tools at 1 Point?

2. What are the leading Online Tools for Business communities?

3. Whom to approach to seek advice in the current pandemic situations?

4. What reliable online tools help in driving leads and sales for the business in the current competitive world?

5. How can we get access to trending online business tools which are not aware of?

6. Using Youtube? Facebook Group? Facebook? for Businesses, BUT not satisfied with traffic-How To Deal With Such with Online edge?

7. How can expertise can be turned into Online Business?

8. What are the websites to use for Landing Page/Autoresponder/E-mail marketing to use?

9. How to build a Mindset for Business and for overall well-being to maintain Emotional, Social, and Financial Well-being?

10. So on and on and on with struggling with such questions in mind daily and struck with no action, right!

11. But, nothing to worry about, I have created a one-stop page that might help you to deal with your business activities with the selected online tools (I would say DFY type) that instantly, you can start working using these tools in your business for generating leads/sales. You can explore more here.

CC) LinkedIn For Business:

Create and update your LinkedIn profile. This platform helps you to connect with professional networks and also helps in working or collaborating with like-minded people/business owners/entrepreneurs. You can also engage with your business post to attract leads in this platform. I would say, this platform an untapped opportunity for generating leads for businesses that can be utilized effectively.

  • Finally, just remember this, if you wanna do something in your life to get transformation, you need to learn first, and then comes the results/success with consistent efforts.
  • No Pain — No Gain
  • Never Expect Result Without Investing In Yourself (Knowledge)
  • There is no FREE lunch in the world!…Dreams Remain Dreams Without Action!
Source: Pixabay

Disclaimer/Disclosure: To be transparent, this article contains affiliate links to products or services you may find useful. If you follow them and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at “No Additional Cost To You”. As always, it is suggested to do your own due diligence.

Further, this article is based on my personal views and experience and also based on several experiences shared from peer experts from respective subject domain come across with various resource platforms dealing with Business/Startup operations. This should be viewed as guidance/educative/information purpose only. The subject domain experts may be consulted if you need more assistance.

To your success…Take Care and ALL THE BEST…..and I hope this article might help you/your business.

Souce: Pixabay

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