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Navigating the Road Work Tapestry: A Look at Upcoming Projects in Texas (Week of December 4, 2023)

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By Vicky VermaPublished 5 months ago 3 min read
Navigating the Road Work Tapestry: A Look at Upcoming Projects in Texas (Week of December 4, 2023)
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As we approach the week of December 4, 2023, the Texas Department of Transportation is preparing for a series of construction and maintenance activities across the District. Motorists are advised to remain informed, use caution, and be prepared for possible changes to their travel plans due to these ongoing projects. In this article, we'll highlight the major road works initiatives scheduled for the coming week, and offer a comprehensive overview of what to expect on the roads.

1. FM 752 Mill and Inlay

In the hot spots of Alto and Rusk, crews are prepared to conduct significant mill and inlay operations on FM 752. Travelers in these areas should anticipate lane closures, with flaggers on hand to guide traffic through construction zones. As always, patience and caution are paramount when traveling in these areas.

2. SH 21 Resurfacing Project

SH 21 runs east from the Houston County line to US 1 in Alto. The resurfacing project spanning 69 is entering its final stages. The contractor plans to focus on removing rock filter dams and silt fences as well as installing permanent signs and mailboxes. Motorists are advised to prepare for possible lane closures as the project moves toward completion in the winter of 2023.

3. SH 294 Rehabilitation Project

A significant undertaking, the SH 294 rehabilitation project, which extends from CR 2326 east to SH 21, continues with the installation of mowing strips for the metal beam guard fence at the Bowles Creek bridge. Lane closures will be enforced during active work periods, emphasizing the importance of following posted signage and flagger instructions.

4. US 69/FM 2493 interchange and FM 2493 realignment

On the west side of U.S. Route 69, work is underway as part of the 69/FM2493 interchange and the FM 2493 realignment project. Crews are clearing the path and making a detour to the east. Fortunately, no lane closures or delays are currently expected for this phase of the project. Motorists can expect completion of the project in summer 2027.

5. US 69/31 Safety Improvement Project

To increase safety, the US 69/31 Safety Improvement Project is beginning construction of a median cable barrier from north of Alto to FM 241. Notably, no lane closures are expected during this phase of the project, giving people a seamless travel experience. Drivers drive on this part of the road.


As road work begins the week of December 4, 2023, motorists are urged to stay informed, be patient and be observant in work zones. The Texas Department of Transportation's commitment to enhancing infrastructure comes with temporary inconveniences, but the long-term benefits ensure safer and more efficient travel for everyone. By following traffic guidelines and staying updated on project developments, drivers can navigate these construction areas with confidence, contributing to the overall success of these important initiatives.


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