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Lesson 4

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Day 1: Exploring Neighborhoods and Describing Locations


To familiarize students with vocabulary related to places in town, prepositions of place, and using "there is/are" to describe locations.


Discuss with students about their favorite activities to do on weekends. Then, introduce vocabulary related to places in town, parts of the house, furniture, and prepositions of place.

Activity 1: Picture Analysis

Look at the picture and say if the information below are TRUE or FALSE according to it.

1. The Chinese restaurant is on Maple Street. ( )

2. The bookstore is on the corner of Main Street and Davis. ( )

3. There is a restaurant behind the bank. ( )

4. There is a newstand between the music store and the bank. ( )

5. There’s a drugstore next to the publicrest room. ( )

6. There’s a park on Maple Street. ( ) Correct the false information:

- Display a picture showing various locations in a town.


We use THERE IS and THERE ARE to talk about existence of something.

For example:

There is a doctor in the hospital.

There are three boys in the library.

There is a baby in the park.

We use there is.../there indicate or decribe:

For example:

  1. There is a drugstore on the corner of the street.
  2. There are twenty students in the classroom.
  3. We use there is with singular noun.

For example:

  1. There is a post office on Main Street
  2. There is a University on Silas Munguba Avenue.
  3. There’s a supermarket in the next street.
  4. We use there are with plural noun:
  5. There are some great universities in Fortaleza.
  6. There are beautiful beaches in Fortaleza.

Negative form:

  1. there is not.../ there are not...
  2. the short forms:
  3. there isn’t.../ there aren’t...

For example:

  1. there isn’t any coffe shop near here?.
  2. there aren’t any public libraries near home.


- Afterward, correct any false information and encourage students to describe the correct locations.

Activity 2: Using Prepositions

- Provide a list of activities and locations.

- Students use appropriate prepositions to describe the relationships between the activities and locations.

- Encourage them to create sentences like "You can pay bills at the bank" or "You can take a walk in the park."

Grammar Focus: "There Is/Are"

- Explain the usage of "there is/are" to describe the existence of something.

- Provide examples like "There is a school in my neighborhood" or "There are parks near my house."

- Practice forming affirmative, negative, and interrogative sentences using "there is/are."

Activity 3: Sentence Rewriting

- Students rewrite given sentences using "there is/are."

- For example, "Brazil has 26 states" becomes "There are twenty-six states in Brazil."


- Describe your neighborhood using "there is/are" and prepositions of place. Include at least five locations and their descriptions.

Day 2: Describing Rooms and Furniture


To expand vocabulary related to home furniture and rooms, practice conversational skills, and reinforce the use of prepositions.


Discuss with students the layout of their homes and ask them to describe their favorite rooms.

Activity 1: Home Furniture Vocabulary

- Students list words related to home furniture.

- Practice a conversation between two characters discussing their living room and bedroom furniture.


Prepositions are used to indicate places and positions. They are used before nouns or pronouns.


  1. he cat is on the sofa.
  2. She lives in Brazil
  3. She works at Gray’s Memorial Hospital


Sure, here's the translation:

1. We use "ON" with names of streets and avenues.

She lives on 13 de Maio Avenue.

They work at Brazil Bank.

2. We use "ON THE CORNER OF" with two streets or avenues.

There's a bank on the corner of Fitty Street and Main Avenue.

We use "AT" for specific places.

3. We use "BETWEEN" with two places.

There's a drugstore between the bookshop and the coffee shop.

Activity 1

1. I live ________ João Pessoa Avenue.

2. Ther’s a pet shop ______________ my house.

3. My father’s office is _____________ the bank and the supermarket.

4. My mother works _________ May’s Bookshop.



Activity 2: Describe Mr. Smith's House


In Mr. Smith's house, there are three bedrooms, three bathrooms. There is a living-room, a dining-room, a kitchen. The bedrooms and the bathrooms are upstairs, and the living-room, the dining-room, the kitchen are downstairs.

The first bedroom is Mr. and Mrs. Smith's, the second one is Georgia's, the third one is Victoria's. In Mr. Smith's house, the room on your left is the living-room, and the room on your right is the dining-room. Where is the kitchen? It is behind the dining-room. And where is the garage? It is straight on, in front of you.

There is a garden in the front of the house, but it is not big. Mr. and Mrs. Smith's bedroom is on your left and Georgia's is on the right, and the bathroom is between his bedroom and Georgia's. Victoria's bedroom is behind Georgia’s

Oral Activity:

- Students describe their own homes to a partner, mentioning the number of rooms, furniture, and their favorite spaces.


Review key vocabulary, grammar points, and conversational skills covered during the three-day lesson. Encourage students to continue practicing describing locations and conversations in English outside the classroom.


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