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Learn Quran Online | The sacred sermon “Khutbah” in Islam

Online Quran Classes | The spiritual significance of Khutbah

By Quraan PakPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
Online Quran Classes

Khutbah: Khutbah is an Arabic word that means “sermon”, “address” or “delivering a formal speech”. It holds a significant place in Islamic worship. The word “Khutbah” is derived from the Arabic word “Khatib” which means “to speak”. A religious scholar or Imam generally refers to it as delivering a speech during Friday prayers or on specific occasions like Eid, Funerals, etc.

Learn Quran Online

Learn Quran online

Learning Quran and understanding its teachings, is a must for every Muslim for their survival. As, one must follow the path of Allah almighty, mentioned in the Holy Quran and exercised by as an example by Prophets. Therefore, learn Quran online is the most easiest way for getting an education on the glorious Quran and our religion Islam.

Islam is just not a religion but is a way of living a life with supreme guidance ruled by Allah almighty. Online Quran Academy offers online Quran classes for kids, beginners including all. Live Quran for Kids, offers professional online Quran teacher for online Quran classes.

The spiritual significance of Khutbah

What is Khutbah according to Sunnah? Regarding Fiqh books, the mission of Khutbah is to the remembrance of Allah almighty and then advise people on aspects of faith, cultural, social, and moral values of Islam. Where does the Imam stand for Khutbah? Imams stand to deliver sermons on the “Minbar" which is the pulpit in a mosque. These aspects are smaller but are an important part of Islamic society.

Therefore, to learn from these perspectives from online Quran teacher. Learn Quran Online offers online Quran classes covering every type of learning related to the Quran and Islam. Hence, one can get every type of information regarding religious concepts from online Quran teacher. The following are the main significance of Khutbah:

• For the purpose of an Educational role.

• Community engagement.

Elements of Khutbah through Online Quran Teacher

What is the history of Khutbah? This tradition of sermon Khutbah comes from the era of caliph Hazrat Abu Bakr AS, during his reign from 632 to 637 century. He was the first caliph of Islam. Who addresses to rule regarding traditions of the Quran and Islam. Then after him, the practice of this aspect continued by the successors of Islam.

Online Quran classes for kids and adults, can be taken by all Muslim students regardless of any limitations for timings or country boundaries, etc.

• Tawhid (raise Allah Almighty).

• By sending blessings on our beloved the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

• Acknowledge special days for which Khutbah is given and the occasion.

The main structure for Khutbah

Further, one can also learn a course related to becoming Imam through online Quran classes. Learn Quran online designs various courses, for example for learning the recitation of the Quran with Tajweed. One can also learn Tafseer of the holy Quran from qualified online Quran teacher.

They also offer memorization course for the Quran for hifz etc. Who leads the Khutbah? The prayer leader called “Imam" also known as “Khateeb” addresses for sermon Khutbah. However, one must have the knowledge for addressing related to Quran education.

• Starts with the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran.

• Narrations and Quotations regarding Hadiths.

• Discussing Tafseer related to Islamic texts.

• Guidance for ethics and morals.

• Explaining contemporary issues.

Conclusions for Ending Khutbah

What did the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) say in His last Khutbah? He said His last Khutbah on the occasion of Hajj, which is a very famous address of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), “Do justice to yourselves, and do remember that one day you will meet to Allah almighty and have to answer for your deeds.

Therefore, must not astray from the path of Allah (righteous path), after I am gone”. However, one can learn the details of this famous Khutbah with the help of an online Quran teacher. As online Quran classes are the best source of learning in the comfort zone of home.

• Reminders for the Day of Judgment (life after Death).

• Importance of prayers and supplications.

• Words for encouraging the Muslim community to preach and follow Allah’s message.

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