Job Fields That Are Growing Rapidly

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Consider Studying in These Fields That Are Always Hiring

Job Fields That Are Growing Rapidly

IT Field

The tech industry is a fast-growing field today. This is one of the fields that is advancing from strength to strength in the job market. There are thousands of jobs in great demand in IT, but there are so many specialties to choose from. Where will you start? Don't worry, all of them pay in the high two to three-figure incomes per year. If you are a person who loves to innovate, then IT is the place where there is lots of it taking place. IT affects the way people are living, and it improves the quality of peoples' lives daily. The one characteristic thing is it touches every kind of field of professional development like medicine, journalism, transportation, agriculture, and real estate, to name a few.

Developing the Web

There are in IT what are known as hot jobs. Developing the web is where such jobs are found, in both the entry and advanced levels. If you enjoy developing web applications, but prefer to not work for a large company for years on out, there are plenty of opportunities as a freelance web developer. The entry-level jog starts at 34K, then moves on to the median positions at 60K, the highest-paid web developers make as much as 110K/year. All you would be doing all day is developing websites for others. You will need knowledge of computer languages, which will require advanced training. The field is expected to grow throughout 2000 by as much as 20+ per year. By 2024 it may be the highest paying, as well as the most in-demand field of IT careers in the country, and maybe in the world. Many standard entry-level jobs require very little college education, but some technical training. From a basic entry-level position, a person can advance quickly to the degree that they apply themselves, and become more valuable to the market. The important quality is being able to adapt to the changes in the economy.

Getting Hired, Getting Paid

There are more jobs in IT that offer opportunities to get hired in IT. If you enjoy working with computers, and are good with your analytical skills, then becoming a computer support specialist may be your dream job. As a computer specialist, you will be handling networking, and the systems that keep the internet and business information flowing from place to place. Running tests and performing security checks on software, malware, and new software will fill your day, and maybe a few nights too since computer specialist is needed 24/7/365 in thousands of places. As a computer specialist, you may be hired by a computer company to watch their computers to keep them from stalling or stopping, since any time a system is down the business cannot go on and critical information cannot get to where it belongs. You will be representing the electrical cement that keeps the computer systems in your company from breaking down and coming undone. On the upside, you will get paid handsomely for your job. Pay grades are entry at around 28K, median at 51K, and high paying at 81K.

IT and Beyond

The good thing about jobs in IT is that they are constantly growing, and are always in demand. Wouldn't it be nice to have a job where you are always needed, and are always getting paid for what you are worth? IT jobs are some of the best jobs that are going to only increase into the 2020s. If you land an IT job, you will have a safe and secure future ahead of you. There are many other options in IT that can also be considered such as Computer & Information Systems Manager (130K/year), Computer Hardware Engineer (111K/year), or a Computer & Information Research Scientist (110K/year). Each of these career paths also has their advantages and disadvantages, but they are equally in great demand today, as the internet age, as well as the Internet of Things age, is at its initial beginning.

Mikkie Mills
Mikkie Mills
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