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How To Start One Person-Business For Beginners

In this article, I am giving you the complete BLUEPRINT about one person's business.

By Rohit BlogsPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
How To Start One Person-Business For Beginners
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The internet is a vast and influential platform, and if you’re not a part of it, you’re missing out on a lot. However, my intention isn’t merely to spend time scrolling through endless content. My goal is to actively engage on the internet by creating and sharing my own content.

I believe that becoming an influencer and regularly posting content, whether it’s daily or weekly, can be highly beneficial. Many people are either not on the internet or hesitant to share their own content. However, there are countless individuals out there who can provide support and encouragement when you venture into something new.

I encourage you to showcase the work you do. For example, if you’re a software engineer who has a passion for coding, you can create posts that are relevant to your field and use them to educate people.

Now, let me suggest a book that can potentially change your life if you implement its teachings. The book is titled “Show Your Work”. It will provide valuable insights and strategies for achieving personal growth and success.

“Show Your Work!”

Book by Austin Kleon

The book’s author shares various stories about how people who upload content daily have transformed their lives. The book also provides detailed information about its contents.

It’s common for some people to have difficulty recording videos, but you can explore alternative options like writing articles, social media posts, or sharing on platforms like LinkedIn or Medium. By becoming a content provider, you can offer valuable material that people are searching for online.

Don’t worry about making money right from the start. Instead, focus on uploading content that you genuinely love and are passionate about. Over time, as you continue to upload and grow, you’ll develop expertise in creating and building a following. In a matter of months, you can gather a significant number of followers on any platform.

If you’re on YouTube, there are multiple methods through which you can earn money. Additionally, once you’ve grown your audience on any platform, you can monetize it at any time. You can get paid for showcasing your work or create products within your niche to solve common problems and sell them for profit.

The internet offers thousands of ways to make money — you just need to harness its power. Always remember that content is king. By consistently posting quality content, you can establish a regular stream of income.

This article is not in-depth but I want to warn you to start your online presence because the future is here and if you are not making enough money then you need to rethink and start working on yourself.


The article emphasizes the importance of being active on the internet and creating and sharing content. The author encourages individuals to become influencers by regularly posting content related to their interests or expertise. They recommend a book called "Show Your Work!" by Austin Kleon, which provides insights and strategies for personal growth and success. The article suggests various ways to showcase work, such as writing articles, creating social media posts, or sharing on platforms like LinkedIn or Medium. The focus is on uploading content that one loves and is passionate about, rather than solely aiming for immediate monetary gain. The article mentions the potential to monetize platforms like YouTube once an audience is built, either through showcasing work or selling products within one's niche. The overall message is that the internet offers numerous opportunities to make money, and by consistently posting quality content, individuals can establish a regular stream of income. The article concludes by urging readers to start their online presence and adapt to the changing landscape to ensure financial success.

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