How to make the best of your Online Classes

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Tips to efficiently study online

How to make the best of your Online Classes
Tips for online learning

Learning online requires you to have a skill that you can master easily. Only 5% of people who enroll in an online course actually finish it.

Isn't it surprising?

This might happen due to a lack of motivation and passion to complete the syllabus.

Hence to avoid getting demotivated and complete the course on time here are some tips that can help.

1. Make your schedule

Sit down and make a schedule on a paper and push every day to follow it. Try to cover the most difficult subject at the most productive time of the day for at least 2-3 hours. Taking a weekly off. I used to study in the morning hours as I feel more productive during that time of the day.

In this block, you can watch lectures, read books, and get your homework done.

2. Study with a friend or in a group

e-learning could get boring as the classes progress. Its always better to gather 3-4 friends and form a study group. You could feel lonely sometimes and when you get stuck you are really stuck — having friends to work through problems together is critical. I used to meet my friends through a video conferencing app to discuss problems.

3. Shut down your phone

I know you wat to check your Whatsapp and Instagram every now and then.

Avoid checking emails, or picking a phone at the time of studying.

Its easy to spend time checking Instagram, so don’t even give yourself the opportunity to get distracted.

put your phone in your backpack, as I’ve found having it next to you makes you want to check it out.

Trust me, doing this will increase your concentration in studying.

4. Take your time to finish the class

I suggest you to start with just one class and make a deadline to finish that one. Here you need to be more self-disciplined although you can go at your own pace.

First-class is always hard as you are shifting completely to a different type of learning.

5. Pomodoro technique

This is a time management practice that helps you with maximum focus and creative freshness, thereby allowing them to complete things faster with less mental fatigue.

The process is that you have to dedicate highly focussed 25 minutes to study and take a break for 5 minutes.

Each 25-minutes study period is called a “Pomodoro”.

After following this technique for 4 times, you would have studied for 100 minutes with a break of 15 mins only.

6.Make time for revision

e-learning has the biggest advantage. You pause and rewind on the spot to revise if you didn’t understand the subject properly.

This is hardly possible in our schools . Also, sone online education institutes like Udacity and Springboard have good reviews because they provid a mentor with whom you can discusss your doubts .

At the end of the day revise the material you have studied for the day and make plans for the next day.

Make sure to have a good internet connection.

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