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How To Get Paid Udemy Courses for Free #Legit!

100% off coupons and Udemy courses updated daily

By Sam Writes SecurityPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
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Have you ever used coupons?

I knew what they were, how they work but I just never did give in to coupons at all. 30 % off sounds interesting 50% is half, 80% is a blessing but 100% off is no longer a purchase that’s definitely a gift. But, not just any ordinary gift it's a freaking free gift... Aren't all gifts free, sin't that the reason why they're called gifts and not discounts?

Well, today I prepared this gift for you and as you could already guess it’s free. So, allow me to share a few more things about these coupons.

The why in free but paid Udemy courses

Most if not all of Udemy course creators or instructors have YouTube channels and we find a way to support their work either by purchasing a course, subscribing to a newsletter and a million more ways available online so if you can please, keep on supporting them even if you make use of this method to get yourself a free course don’t stop whatever you’ve been doing to help. Do your part!

The great thing about these free but paid courses is that …

  • They’re free with lifetime access for as long as they’re around (I know that doesn’t make sense but I’ve heard that somewhere).
  • Easy access in a matter of seconds
  • Updated Daily
  • You don’t spend a dime
  • You get to learn, practice do some more learning and probably do everything all over again.
  • You can try as many courses as you can handle even more than you can.

When I found out about this I tried almost anything look at how many courses I have on my account


106 courses and at least 90 of those are still pending. Obviously not every course on my list came from this website but most did.

I’ve left a few but maybe not so helpful reasons to why you should consider going for one of the many available and frequently updated courses using the website that I’m about to share but this is because after letting you know it’s free I feel like that alone is the best reason. If you’re already motivated I’ll give you a few reasons to why this won’t always be the solution to your problems.

The negative side of getting these courses for free

  • You only get what you’re given. One can make use of the courses available on the website using the provided coupon and not nothing more, but maybe less.
  • You don’t get to choose the instructor or the course. You can browse by category and look for something you’re interesting in but only if available on the site you cannot make a request for additional courses to use a specific coupon on. This would probably work at the supermarket but this isn't the case.
  • Coupons don’t last forever! Coupons expire. The sooner you use them the better.
  • Coupons for most popular or in demand courses tend to expire faster than the speed of light. there's something funny about this sometimes I believe some coupons were tempered with or something. But, hey it's free stuff.
  • Content quality isn’t always the best. Most of the names will sound new to you and you won’t know what to expect until you dive in. David bombal is the only name that wasn't new to me because I had watched a lot from hi on YouTube but I guess everyone has their fan base.
  • If you’re still up for this then jump on to that’s where the magic takes place!

    Step 1

    Author screenshot

    Look for Udemy coupons on the side select that option and find yourself a course.

    Step 2

    Author screenshot

    Select your course of choice copy the coupon code and click on enroll now.

    Step 3

    Author screenshot

    Once the site takes you to Udemy instead of purchasing the course go for “apply coupon” enter the code, press enter and the price will drop to zero. There you go. It’s that easy and it only takes a few seconds.


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