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The Social Media Pattern: Which Is Probably a Coincidence

Or maybe not!

By Sam Writes SecurityPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Photo by Prateek Katyal from Pexels

Ask yourself why you use Social Media and a few people close to you as well. The answers are interesting and sometimes require some thought, but from my point of view the answers aren’t usually the real reason why. I feel like sometimes we’re caught off guard and we feel like we should provide appropriate answers to certain questions. Just because …

Something like “Because everyone else uses Social Media” is the most honest answer I’ve never got and one I wouldn’t dare question. If everyone else is online why shouldn’t I? That’s one place we get to connect with everyone, that’s a place where we can get attention. Somewhere we get to meet new people, make new friends, connections and a living so why not?

But, even though everyone claims to use the online space for apparently different reasons there seems to be a few things that everyone seems to be doing exactly the same way.

If we use the Digital Space for different reasons why on earth is everyone following exactly the same method?

And, I’m not even talking about Digital Marketing or Social Media ads and stuff that significantly involves productively of some sort or sales.

Basic everyday activities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tick Tok seem to match a lot and that has been going on for a while especially when something goes viral. We seem to enjoy following the trend or maybe we do it because everyone else is doing exactly the same thing isn’t that right?

Now, we may consider some things a joke or just fun but you’d be amazed at how serious people take these things it’s sad how we value things that we simply shouldn’t because … Why should we? Everything happens for a reason right?

How Much of a Friend is Your Facebook Friend?

Not a friend at all right?

This obviously doesn’t relate to every Facebook friend but most of your friends are probably people you’ve never seen who you have no actual connection with. So why on earth is everyone on your list of friends aware of your daily routine?

Is everyone who has your phone number a friend?

Do you think about the people who’ll see your status update when you share something new?

People share everything about their life on Social Media and the most common method at least for Facebook and WhatsApp is through a status update. Like sharing a photo on their way to work, one during break time or while you’re working and maybe a photograph at the end of the shift. Crazy memories right? But, aah we don’t really give a f***!

But wait a minute, we actually do because honestly we’re doing that too. Here’s a scenario:

“It’s your best friend’s birthday you talk to your friend over a call or text then you post them on Social Media congratulating them for their birthday and asking everyone to help you celebrate this wonderful day with you. Aah seriously?”

Before Social Media photographs and videos were used to keep memories safe. With Social Media, photographs and videos are specifically for Instagram, Tick Tok, Facebook and WhatsApp. We’ll obviously be able to go through these photos for as long as these platforms are available but sadly were doing all this for all the wrong reasons.

And you think this is absurd? What about that friend of yours who puts on multiple outfits a day because he/she needs to update their Instagram profile?

We know people who do this for a living who constantly need to update their profile, come up with a story, promote a new product close new deals and new contracts and the list goes on but, is this you?

Again don’t get the wrong idea I have nothing against sharing a new photo on Instagram “I do but let’s pretend like I don’t” people who don’t like the idea of having a personal Instagram account simply don’t but do you at least know why you do what you do frequently? Are you not mistaking these platforms for something else?

Diaries are still a thing, and nowadays we take them everywhere we go without having to carry anything else but our phones or laptops. Remember that you can erase a paragraph or two on your diary but unfortunately you have no control over the internet.

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