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How to Get a professional book cover in 6 steps

By Jack Brel

By Jack BrelPublished about a year ago 3 min read

A book cover designer is a specialist who designs beautiful covers that go with the book's subject matter. You can enter this industry in a number of ways, but each one takes effort, education, and time. It may be helpful for you to gain hints about this procedure if you're thinking about pursuing a career as a book cover designer. In this post, we go through the duties of a book cover designer, how to apply for a job in this field, and career advice.

What does a book cover designer do?

A book cover designer makes the illustrations, images, and text layouts for book covers. Many book designers read the books they are creating before they begin a project in order to comprehend the message and pictures they need to convey. After determining the concept, the designer visualizes concepts and drafts a cover. They create a final version of the cover artwork and design after receiving approval. Designers of book covers work on the cover from conception to completion.

A book cover designer may additionally:

  • Work together for ideas and permission with the author and publisher;
  • If the book is a part of a series, make sure the artwork and typography are consistent;
  • Design a cover that matches the spine, back cover, and front cover of the book;
  • Use software for graphic design;
  • Recognize current trends in design.

How to get hired as a book cover designer

Consider these six steps to get hired as a book cover designer:

1. Learn how to design covers

Learning how to make covers is essential if you want to design book covers. You can start a career as a cover designer if you have these skills and abilities. Despite not usually needing a formal education, many designers hold a bachelor's degree. A bachelor's in fine art or graphic design, for example, may be among the most useful degrees in the field of art and design. These courses can provide fundamental knowledge and aid in the development of crucial abilities, such as the ability to use design software to produce book covers. You might be possible to pick up these talents, nevertheless, without a formal education.

2. Practice your skills

It's crucial to keep honing your skills after learning how to make covers. Try out several artistic mediums in your free time, and think about enrolling in continuing education art classes. You might be able to stay up to date on new trends and technology thanks to these experiences. If at all possible, take part in an internship or work as a volunteer designer. You can add these experiences to your resume and use them to further your talents.

3. Create a professional portfolio

Consider creating a professional portfolio if you've developed your abilities and gotten additional expertise. This is a group of papers and photos that demonstrate your abilities as a book cover designer. It frequently serves as a supplement to your resume and cover letter and, if written online, can direct a hiring manager to a more comprehensive and visually appealing display of your skills, such as examples of your work. To demonstrate your range of talent, use a selection of book cover designs from various genres or reading levels in these samples. So that hiring managers can view your most recent work, keep your portfolio up to date.

4. Attend networking events

Consider going to networking events for those in the publishing or book cover design industries as you look for work. Introduce yourself to authors and publishers at publishing events and let them know when you are available. You can meet a mentor or hiring agent at a book cover design event. Both a hiring agent and a mentor can help you with your career decisions. You can look online or locally for these events. Think about going to conferences, webinars, workshops, and seminars. At these events, you might find employment opportunities.

5. Market your abilities

You can market yourself as a book cover designer if you've developed your abilities and obtained more expertise. To reach the largest audience, you might wish to perform your marketing online, but you can promote yourself anyplace. Consider setting up a business website or social media profile where you can share pictures and explanations of your book cover designs. If you post frequently, a writer or publishing house may take notice of you. To give hiring managers a more thorough overview of your credentials, you can also direct them to these websites.

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