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How To Effectively Study

Turning Your Academic Habits Around

By Charlie RodriguezPublished 7 years ago 3 min read

Back in high school, I never studied. I never found the point of it because I didn't really think high school was that important and I would normally pass tests out of luck, but in college, studying is really essential to being successful in classes and helps you avoid retaking them.

1. Study In The Library

Studying in the library helps you avoid studying on your bed which leads up to taking a nap on your bed. So instead, go to the library, grab Starbucks and a couple of friends, and studying there for a few hours because it’ll make a huge difference.

2. Have an Effective Study Playlist

Having music will help you a lot by keeping you focus and avoid crashing but, having music that’ll end up getting you distracted is also not the right way to go. Having a balance of music that’s musical and some that are lyrical can help you keep you up and keep you grinding. Some of my favorite playlists are:

  • Study & Chill
  • Study/ Focus/ Chill
  • Study Playlist
  • Annie's Study Playlist

3. Follow Study Accounts to Keep You Motivated

These kinds of accounts keep you motivated by how nice they organize their notes and how well put together they are and makes you want to do the same so if you want to improve note taking or want that extra motivation, follow those accounts.

Some accounts I recommend on Instagram are:

  • @emmastudiess

4. Gather Friends and Study

Having a group of friends to study with can help you tremendously. They can help you by having them quiz you, share notes and see what others were writing, and it simply makes studying a lot more fun because you’re with a group of friends you love spending time with. Studying alone is boring as hell, so studying with a group is a good way to start.

5. Create Outlines

Creating outlines is basically rewriting your notes in a more organized fashion. It helps you have more organized notes and it also helps you remember the material because rewriting things down multiple times helps you remember things way better.

6. Use Memory Games

Using memory games on the subject or material you’re studying will help you remember because you’re training your memory while playing a game at the same time so it’s a win-win. Quizlet has multiple versions of memory games that’ll help you study.

7. Create a study schedule

Instead of last-minute cramming, stick to a schedule you can maintain because it becomes less of a hassle trying to fit in time to study and it helps you keep yourself organized with your time as well.

8. Take Some Breaks

No one can study 5-6 hours straight (unless you want to, even though it’s not a great idea) so instead, take some breaks instead because it’ll make you less stressed out, but your brain truly needs rest. Have some time to walk around campus, or grab another cup of coffee or talk to some friends. Don’t use the break to watch TV or play video games.

9. Ask for Help

We’re not alone. People tell you professors do not care about students and that is not true at all. I’ve had professors that cared about my mental health and my well-being alongside my education. Ask for help, schedule some one on one time with your professor for some extra help if you don’t understand what they’re teaching. You can also go to the buildings specifically for tutoring if you truly have trouble in your classes because it will make a huge difference to your grades.

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