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How to apply for accommodation at the University of Reading?

Student Accommodation Reading

By Tessa youngPublished 11 months ago 3 min read

Situated in the county of Berkshire, Reading is one of the most interesting places to be. Reading is located between the rivers Thames and Kennet and thus this place has a history of important river port. As Reading is 46 meters above sea level, the climate over here is generally warm and temperate. This place has an ideal location and weather which should make you choose Reading as a place to study but also high-quality educational facilities as well as attractive student life.

Housing Options in Reading

Here you can find a wide range of student accommodation Reading. It offers a choice of luxurious, spacious as well as comfortable studio apartments. You can find something at an affordable price. Reading is the largest city in the UK without city status and it is considered the most essential economic area in the UK due to its connection to insurance as well as information technology. The city offers a rich multicultural experience and it is known for having a very student-friendly environment which attracts a large number of local as well as international students every year. You can find a wide range of options for student housing to fit your budget as well as your preference.

Steps to apply for an accommodation

Step 1

Look for accommodation on the Internet as you can find numerous options. You can log into the portal of your choice and select from the numerous options. To make an application for accommodation, click Apply.

Step 2

You can pick which session you would like to make an application for accommodation. If you want to apply for this year, you can select the next academic year 2022-2023.

Step 3

Next, you need to select the application type. You need to ensure that you need accommodation for a full academic year or part-year application.

Step 4

Look for the correct pathway for you. You can go with early arrival contracts, standard contracts, family and couples, transition contracts, and other such options offered at the portal. If you are confused then you can connect with the property owner or the platform owner to understand which one is the best for you.

Step 5

Then you need to search for the available accommodation options. You can easily set the following criteria such as:

  • Room type
  • Catering option
  • Price
  • And other specific requirements

Step 6

The search page will provide you with an overview of the hall. To find out more information, you can add one of the available room types available. You can see more information about the rooms and locations on the website.

Step 7

Once you select the accommodation or room type, you need to pay the amount. You might have to pay the security deposit amount now. You might even get some EMI options too. Check with your property owner. Ensure you choose the right one as it can affect the cost of living in Reading.

Best localities for student accommodation in Reading

The daily chores are enough to pest any student. However, the students need to find the right accommodation for themselves. Since every student’s needs are different, the student has to choose from the best.

East Reading: East Reading comprises different areas and it comprises the Cemetery Junction. This is one of the best student areas as it is close to the town center. There is a wide range of student properties with rent prices to fit any budget. You can choose from different options over here.

Reading town center: This place has a variety of shops, bars, and clubs which cater to the student population. The campuses over here are situated a bit further out from the Town Center. You will have buses to get you to the class.

Whitley: This is one of the best areas which is located west of the University of Reading. The rent prices over here are similar to those in East Reading. There are a few takeaway restaurants that are located nearby. You can easily plan to travel for hanging out. Whitley is another place that is well-connected by different bus routes.

Woodley: This largest suburb in Reading is around 4 miles east of the town center. This contains a lively leisure center that keeps the whole place entertained. Those who like to shop can go to Woodley. It is the best place where you can find the best shops, cafes as well as supermarkets. It is one of the thriving communities with a wide range of things to explore.


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