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How I've Adjusted to Studying Online

by StudyStream Team 8 days ago in student

What's it like starting university in a pandemic?

How I've Adjusted to Studying Online
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If you are a first-year University student doing online classes on a Panasonic… I mean, in a pandemic, I feel your pain! You don’t have to say anything, because I honestly understand how hard and demotivating it can be to go on.

Thanks to ‘Rona’ (COVID-19), we were forced to give up our lives and adjust to a new norm that has us “doing school” at home. While that means nothing to some people, it has been completely devastating to those of us who thrive on the experiences school can offer - there is no sprinting across campus to get to your next class or having lunch with your friends at your favorite spot anymore. We have gotten to a place where we’re mastering the art of social distancing – in addition to staying 6 feet away from each other, people are staying 6 feet away from their assignments! (I am PEOPLE, PEOPLE is me.)

Last year, I was genuinely excited to be a part of the new cohort of students entering The University of the West Indies in Kingston, Jamaica. However, I had to do this from the safety of my home, and this continued throughout the year.

'This self-realization is what gave me the push to try to find ways through which I could embrace this new norm we are all experiencing'

During this time, I fell out of love with school, my study habits became non-existent, and after having a stern conversation with myself I decided that I could not go on like this anymore. I was unhappy with the process I went through in getting assignments done because I was not functioning at my best, and my grades suffered. This self-realization is what gave me the push to try to find ways through which I could embrace this new norm we are all experiencing. A big part of doing this was searching for unique study opportunities online.

Just like all of the world that had been consuming all the awesomeness of TikTok during lockdown, I did the same, and that’s where I stumbled upon my unique opportunity: StudyStream. It felt surreal to me that someone had come up with the idea of connecting thousands of people around the world, in a way that enhances their productivity and creates an avenue for young people to network and build real connections.

StudyStream reminded me of why I needed to study: the importance of working hard to get my degree. And being in a virtual room – sometimes with as many as a thousand people – really gave me that motivation and drive to study, but also complete assignments in a way that screams QUALITY.

'StudyStream reminded me of why I needed to study: the importance of working hard to get my degree'

This is not just all talk – I’ve witnessed the improvement in my study habits, and the quality work that I produce when using StudyStream. This community, in serving positive vibes straight through, helps me not to feel so alone whenever I take up a book to read, and has gifted me with amazing individuals that I can now call friends, even though we are miles apart.

From a hopeful student all the way in Jamaica, I am thanking the creators of Study Stream for helping me to achieve exponential growth in my studies, and for creating such a supportive community. Big up yuh self!

Ps. Big up yuh self - (Jamaican Patois, meaning Good job!)

  • Isheba Cornwall is a university student in Kingston, Jamaica. Insta: @_isheba
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StudyStream Team
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