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How Can an International Student Rent a Flat in Champaign?

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By ava rosePublished 5 months ago 3 min read

Whether you are willing to rent accommodation in a student housing complex or you want to book a private flat, it can be a daunting task for you, if you don’t have the right information. But, once you get some hints, you can rent a flat easily.

Today, students are visiting numerous cities around the world to get higher education. Champaign, a city in the U.S. state of Illinois, is one of the popular names in this regard. This city is the home to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and Parkland College where a large number of international and domestic students get higher education.

So, in Champaign also, there is a huge demand for flats by international students. Here, you will learn some methods about how an international student can rent a flat in Champaign.

Method 1: Visit the Website of an Accommodation Owner

Today, you have no need to visit an accommodation property physically to rent it. You can find and rent a flat through some online sources. One of the methods to rent student accommodation Champaign is to visit the website of the accommodation owner.

If you know about an accommodation owner, you can directly visit its website or search for the owner on a search engine to reach the website. You can also see the ads of some student accommodation properties in some newspapers and magazines, which are also great sources to know about them. Some accommodation properties in Champaign are widely popular which you can know from word of mouth. You can also know about their websites or search for them on Google.

In the same way, you can find private apartments in Champaign.

Method 2: Visit the Website or Mobile App of an Online Student Accommodation Service Platform

It is the most popular method today since you can find plenty of accommodation properties on a website/mobile app. On the online student accommodation service platforms, you find lists of student accommodation properties and private apartments in many cities in the world.

To find accommodation properties in Champaign, you need to enter “Champaign” in the search box available on every page of the website of the accommodation service platform. You will find a page with the lists of accommodation properties in student housing properties. Similarly, you can find the lists of private apartments.

You can read the details of each property by clicking their names or images. The details that you can read include distance from universities, accommodation types, amenities, prices, stay durations, etc. You can also filter the properties on these bases through the filter feature available on these platforms. Some platforms also have a comparison feature through which you can compare the details of multiple properties on a single webpage.

Some of these platforms are also available in the form of mobile apps and all the aforementioned features can be found on the apps also.

Method 3: Visit the Accommodation Properties

This is the least used method today but still, you should know about it as an option. You can visit the accommodation properties after reaching Champaign and select a flat of your choice. But, since most of the students use the online methods today, you find many properties already filled. This is why you may find limited accommodations vacant in Champaign after reaching there. Or, you may have to especially visit Champaign a few months before the beginning of your session to find a variety of accommodation options.


Among the above-mentioned sources, online student accommodation service platforms are used most by students today. You may successfully complete the Champaign home property process as a student from another nation and optimize your time spent studying abroad.


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