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Helpful Hints Student Loans Novices Need To Know

Student loans are, for many, a necessary evil on the path to obtaining an advanced degree or even just an undergraduate education

By hashan tagariPublished 3 years ago 4 min read

Student loans are, for many, a necessary evil on the path to obtaining an advanced degree or even just an undergraduate education. Lenders aren't always keeping your best interests in mind, though. Read on to learn how you can avoid being taken advantage of when seeking financing for your education.

  • Make sure you keep track of your loans. You should know who the lender is, what the balance is, and its repayment options. If you are missing this information, you can contact your lender or check the NSLDL website. If you have private loans that lack records, contact your school.
  • When it comes to student loans, make sure you only borrow what you need. Consider the amount you need by taking a look at your total expenses. Factor in items like the cost of living, the cost of college, your financial aid awards, your family's contributions, etc. You're not required to accept a loan's entire amount.
  • Make sure you are in regular contact with the lender. Make sure you let them know if your contact information changes. Do not put off reading mail that arrives from the lender, either. Take any actions needed as soon as possible. You can end up spending more money than necessary if you miss anything.
  • Once you leave school and are on your feet, you are expected to start paying back all of the loans you received. There is a grace period for you to begin repayment of your student loan. It is different from lender to lender, so make sure that you are aware of this.
  • Before applying for student loans, it is good to see what other types of financial aid you are qualified for. There are many scholarships available out there, and they can reduce the amount of money you have to pay for school. Once you have the amount you owe reduced, you can work on getting a student loan.
  • Pay extra on your student loan payments to lower your principal balance. Your payments will be applied first to late fees, then to interest, then to principal. You should avoid late fees by paying on time and chip away at your principle by paying extra. This will reduce your overall interest paid.
  • To minimize your student loan debt, start by applying for grants and stipends connected to on-campus work. Those funds do not ever have to be paid back, and they never accrue interest. If you get too much debt, you will be handcuffed by them well into your post-graduate professional career.
  • If at all possible, sock away extra money toward the principal amount. The key is to notify your lender that the additional money must be applied toward the principal. Otherwise, the money will be applied to your future interest payments. Over time, paying down the principal will lower your interest payments.
  • Take advantage of student loan repayment calculators to test different payment amounts and plans. Plug this data into your monthly budget and see which seems most doable. Which option gives you room to save for emergencies? Are there any options that leave no room for error? When there is a threat of defaulting on your loans, it's always best to err on the side of caution.
  • The unsubsidized Stafford loan is a good option in student loans. Anyone with any level of income can get one. The interest is not paid for during your education; however, you will have 6 months grace period after graduation before you have to start making payments. This kind of loan offers standard federal protections for borrowers. The fixed interest rate is not greater than 6.8%.
  • Try making your student loan payments on time for some great financial perks. One major perk is that you can better your credit score. With a better credit score, you can get qualified for new credit. You will also have a better opportunity to get lower interest rates on your current student loans.
  • Keep detailed, up-to-date records on all of your student loans. All of your payments must be made in a timely fashion to protect your credit rating and prevent your account from accruing penalties. Careful record keeping will ensure that all your payments are made on time.
  • Please make an effort to ask your lender questions and contact them any time you need to. You have to do this to know what your loan is all about and what you have to do to pay the loan back later on. Also, you can get great advice from your lender.
  • To make the student loan process go as quickly as possible, make sure that you have all of your information in hand before you start filling out your paperwork. That way, you don't have to stop and go looking for some bit of information, making the process longer. Making this decision eases the entire situation.
  • Be sure to learn how to make and maintain a budget before you go to college. This is a very important skill to have, and it will help you make the most of your student loan funding. Be sure your budget is realistic and reflects the things you will want and need throughout your college career.
  • To ensure that you do not lose your student loan, read all of the fine print before you sign your contract. Some lenders require that you maintain a particular course load or keep a minimum grade point average to maintain the funds' access. Keep these items in mind when setting up your account.

For so many people acquiring a student loan is what makes their dreams of attending school a reality, and without it, they would never be able to afford such quality education. If you need to take out loans, it is important to understand the process and know what you are doing. Use these tips to streamline the process.


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