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Getting Started with Vocal Media

A Beginner's Guide

By Local ManPublished about a month ago 7 min read
Getting Started with Vocal Media
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Getting Started with Vocal Media: A Beginner's Guide

In the fast-changing world of digital content, Vocal Media shines. It's a top platform online for writers and creators. Since 2016, it's been a key place for new authors to show off their skills and make money.1

Getting Started with Vocal media

Key Takeaways

Vocal Media is a popular web-based platform for writers and creators to share their stories and earn money.

The platform offers a variety of content categories, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, opinion, and humor.

Vocal Media uses a pay-per-view model, with additional bonuses and incentives for writers.

Upgrading to Vocal+ membership can provide additional benefits, such as a lower earnings payout threshold.

Optimizing content for search engines and actively promoting your work can help increase visibility and earnings on the platform.

Introduction to Vocal Media

Vocal Media gives writers and creators a place to share their work online. They can earn money too.2 It was started in 2016. Since then, it's become a top spot for showcasing writing and making cash from it.2 It's open to a wide group of creatives, like bloggers, pro writers, and more.2

What is Vocal Media?

Vocal Media is special because it covers lots of topics. From stories and poems to opinions and jokes, everything is welcome.2 Its goal is to give storytellers a place to shine and help them connect with their readers. It also helps them make money.2

Benefits of Writing on Vocal Media

Writing on Vocal Media means you can earn from your work.2 You get paid based on how popular your stories are, plus tips from readers.2 It's a safe place for creators too, with real people checking the content.

Vocal Media has different memberships. The Vocal+ one offers more ways to earn and cool features like Quick Edits and exclusive contests.2 It costs $9.99 each month or $99 for the whole year.2

One cool thing about Vocal Media is its focus on storytelling. It helps creators all over the world make money, even where Stripe isn’t available.2

Signing Up and Creating Your Profile

To start with Vocal3, create an account. Go to the Vocal Media site and click "Sign In." It's in the top right. You'll need to enter your email and make a password to finish. It's free for all new users, which makes it easy to join quickly.3

Registering on Vocal Media

Now that you're signed up, focus on your profile. This is how you share your writing and meet others on Vocal. Make sure your profile stands out by writing a strong bio and picking a good picture. Add links to your social media too.4 It's important to follow the rules to keep your account safe.

Building an Engaging Profile

To get noticed on Vocal, make your profile look great. Use a cool header, show off your top pieces, and let your style shine. Picking the right topics and platforms can help target the right readers.4

Upgrading to Vocal+ Membership

If you want to earn more, consider Vocal+ membership5. Regular creators earn $3.80 for every 1000 views. But with Vocal+, you get $6.00.5 Plus, there are extra cash rewards for different achievements, like posting 50 stories or getting the first 1000 reads. This makes Vocal+ worth it for writers aiming to boost their earnings.

Understanding Vocal Media Content Categories

Vocal Media gives writers a chance to try out many types of writing. You can dive into the exciting realm of fiction or share facts in non-fiction. There are also chances to get creative with poetry, express opinions on big issues, and add humor to your pieces.6


In the fiction section, writers can let their creativity run wild. They can create stories that take readers to new and magical places. No matter if it's a short story, a novel, or something else, the possibilities are endless.7


If you like non-fiction, Vocal Media is a great place for you. You can write about your own life, teach others with articles, or share your thoughts on big topics. There are many chances to tell your story in a unique way here.6 The Geek Community especially loves this kind of writing on Vocal Media.7


Vocal Media supports poetry too. It's a space for baring your soul, discussing deep ideas, and making words dance. This is a supportive place for all poets, no matter their experience level, to get creative and share a piece of their soul with the world.


The opinion part lets writers share what they think. You can talk about current events, big issues, or personal stories. This is where readers can jump into deep conversations and look at topics from many sides.6


If writing funny stuff is your thing, then Vocal Media's humor section is perfect. You can write anything from jokes to witty commentaries. It's a space to make people laugh and enjoy your unique way of seeing the world.

It's important to know what each writing category wants. This way, you can write stuff that people will love to read. Whether you pick fiction, non-fiction, poetry, opinion, or humor, there's a lot of room for you to show off your talent and maybe even make some money.6

vocal media content categories

Writing and Publishing on Vocal Media

First, pick the right category for your story. Then, work on making your content stand out. Start by crafting a title that grabs your reader. Make them curious to learn more about your article.8

Creating Engaging Titles

Your title is the first thing people notice. So, it should be catchy and interesting. Use keywords that fit your topic and make your title intriguing. This will spark your reader's curiosity.9

Writing High-Quality Content

With a strong title, move on to creating great content. Make sure it's informative, engaging, and fits Vocal Media's audience. Your story should reach at least 600 words9. Include images or videos to make it visually appealing.9

Formatting and Editing Tips

Formatting and editing are key for your content's success. Use Vocal Media's formatting tools to make your story look nice3. Always proofread your work before publishing it to check for mistakes.

Submitting Your Story

Ready to share your content? Follow Vocal Media's guidelines closely. Add up to five tags to help readers find your work9. After you submit it, you'll usually hear back within 48 hours.9

Vocal Media writing

Focus on engaging titles, high-quality content, and a smooth submission process. This way, you'll have better chances on Vocal Media. You can win over readers who love your voice and stories.

Getting Started with Vocal Media

The first step to succeed on Vocal Media is choosing the right content category.1 The site has many genres, like fiction, poetry, and humor. Understand each category's guidelines to find where your writing fits best.

Choosing the Right Content Category

Vocal Media offers various categories to match different interests. Whether you love fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or humor, there's a place for your work. Finding the best category for your content helps you optimize your content and be more successful.

Optimizing Your Content for Search Engines

Picking the right category is just the start. You must also optimize your content for search engines. Use keywords, appealing titles, and descriptions. Add images or videos to make your content stand out.5 With a domain authority score of 78 out of 100, Vocal can help your work appear in searches.

Promoting Your Content

After creating content on Vocal Media, promote it to a broader audience. Use the platform's social sharing tools. Engage with other creators to boost your reach. Sharing your stories on social media or through email can also attract more readers.5 Plus, creators can earn bonuses, like getting $5 for liking 15 stories from others.

Monetizing Your Writing on Vocal Media

Writers are attracted to Vocal Media for its money-making chance. It pays writers for every 1,000 article views via a CPM model. The payout varies but draws many to the platform to earn.10

Understanding Vocal Media's Payment Model

Vocal Media pays $3.8 for every 1,000 views. If you're a Vocal+ member, you earn more - $6 for the same 1,000 views.10 Writers can also get bonuses for hitting certain goals, like $5 for five stories or $15 for 15 likes.10

Earning Bonuses and Incentives

Vocal Media doesn't stop at the basic model; it offers extra ways to earn. Writing challenges can win you a prize up to $5,000. These rewards encourage writers to do more.10 Vocal+ members have another source of income: subscriptions from their supporters via pledges.10

However, making a living on Vocal Media can be tough for some. Due to this, a few writers leave after a few posts.10 To overcome this challenge, it's crucial for writers to create top-notch content, make it SEO-friendly, and promote it to grow their audience and income.


Vocal Media is a great chance for writers and creators. They can show their work and make money. By knowing what types of content do well, like fiction and poetry, it's easier to succeed on Vocal Media.3

To do well, writers should make catchy titles and top-quality content. They should make sure their stories look good too. This can help them get more people to read their work and make money from it.3

To do even better on Vocal Media, writers should make their work easy to find online. They should also share their stories on social media and talk with their readers. Vocal Media is easy to use and helps writers make their stories known. It's a great place for any writer to grow their career.11


What is Vocal Media?

Vocal Media is a go-to platform for writers and creators. It started in 2016. Since then, it has become popular for those wanting to share their stories and make money.

What types of content can I publish on Vocal Media?

You can write many types of stories on Vocal Media. This includes fiction, non-fiction, poetry, opinions, and humor pieces.

How do I get started with Vocal Media?

To start on Vocal Media, first, create an account. Visit the Vocal Media website and click "Sign In". Then, follow the steps to enter your email and a password.

What is the key to success on Vocal Media?

Choosing the right topic for your writing is crucial on Vocal Media. Look at the guidelines for each category carefully. Pick the one that matches your style and ideas.

How does Vocal Media monetize content?

Vocal Media makes it easy for writers to earn money. They use a CPM model. This means you get paid based on how many people read your articles.

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