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Get to know the 11 most important symbols of Halloween to better understand this tradition

Halloween contains several symbolisms of deep meaning that go beyond the fun party that we all know

By Shah HussainPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
Get to know the 11 most important symbols of Halloween to better understand this tradition
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Halloween is a Celtic celebration that commemorates Samhain, the end of the summer. Halloween celebrates the good harvest, the abundance of food and the worship of the dead. This pagan custom contains several elements that have important meanings.

Here are the 11 most important symbols of Halloween to better understand this traditional celebration.


The pumpkin represents wisdom and fertility. The candles inside the gourd represent the light that illuminates the spiritual path of human beings.


Blood represents the life and mortality of the human being. First of all, the symbolism of blood reminds us that the final destiny of each individual is death. However, death is only a transitory passage, as it is followed by life on another plane of existence, represented by ghosts.


Ghosts symbolize life beyond earthly existence. They live in a dimension that belongs to the dead. The fantamas interact on the earthly plane for pure amusement, as they have to transit to other higher dimensions of consciousness.

#4.Black cat

In general terms, the cat has magical powers that influence human beings and the environment around them. Traditionally, black cats are considered to be the most faithful companions of witches. It has also been believed that witches transformed into black cats when they wanted to avoid a situation.


The tombstone symbolizes death and the transience of life. The celebration of Halloween comes to remind us that each individual is on this earthly plane for a few years. After death, the spirit transcends to other evolutionary dimensions, very different from the earthly plane. The final message is not to take anything too seriously because we are only here for a short time.


The original Celtic culture had a good concept of witches, as they were women of great wisdom who were deeply connected with nature. They had the power to transform physical reality at will through spells and incantations. However, this original concept was degraded and witches were considered evil beings for most of history. Today there are witches who lead absolutely normal lives, with the only difference being that they practice magic to manipulate reality.


The spiders and their webs represent the constant movement of human existence. Through them each event is configured to ultimately determine an individual destiny. The spiders symbolize the belief that the destiny of each individual is planned from birth. This concept supports the idea that the individual cannot escape his destiny because there are higher forces controlling him or her.


The owl is a bird that represents wisdom, mystery, silence and the ability to see through the darkness. The owl faithfully represents the spirit of Halloween because it is in tune with the occult. The owl's head rotates in different directions, which allows it to see a situation from all angles. This ability gives it a breadth of vision that no other bird has.


Fire is the element of nature that connects the human being with the divine forces. Fire illuminates the darkness and has the power to protect the human being from negativity and evil forces.


Costumes are the elements that give life to what is present beyond the visible. Halloween is a holiday dominated by imagination, which makes it a thematic event that allegorizes the supernatural. This traditional celebration is fundamentally a game where each participant represents the character he/she likes and enjoys the most.

#11. Representative Halloween colors

Halloween has four representative colors that hold powerful meanings: orange, black, red and purple. Orange represents energy, strength and vitality. Black symbolizes what is hidden from the human perspective. Red represents life and human fear of death. Purple represents magic, transcendence and the mysticism of life.

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