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by Nira Kumari about a month ago in high school

Masculine and Feminine

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Gender refers to the different grammatical forms of sex distinction. It is defined as the classification of a noun or pronoun as feminine, masculine, common or neuter. In other words, the division of Nouns, Pronouns, etc.  into different classes as masculine, feminine,  common and neuter, is called Gender.

Again, Gender is the socially constructed roles and behaviours that a society typically associates with males and females. Males are called Masculine Gender while females are called Feminine Gender. 

Thus, in English Grammar, there are four kinds of Gender :-

1. Masculine Gender 

2. Feminine Gender 

3. Common Gender 

4. Neuter Gender 

1. Masculine Gender:- It refers chiefly to males or to objects classified as males. It refers to the masculine power or male nature. In other words, it is used to denote a male subtype.

Examples - king, man, boy, father, cock, bull, fox, dog, brother, death, ocean, sun, war, ox, bull, gentleman, etc. 

2. Feminine Gender:- It refers chiefly to females or to objects classified as females. In other words, it is used to denote the female subtype.

Examples:- mother, daughter, girl, queen, charity, earth, hope, fame, truth, woman, cow,hen,vixen, etc.

3. Common Gender:- It stands for both males and females. In other words, it denotes either a male or female sex.

Examples:- parents, child, neighbour, clerk, teacher, student, cousin, friend, people, etc. 

4. Neuter Gender:- It refers chiefly to inanimate objects and small creatures neither masculine nor feminine. In other words, it is used to denote non living and lifeless things. Neuter means neither, which is neither male nor female.

Examples:- pen, pencil, rat, ant, table, hair, city, car, copy,  computer,  etc. 

Rules of changing from Masculine form to Feminine form :-

1. Some nouns are made feminine by adding 'ess' at the end. Examples:-

Masculine        Feminine   

god                   godess 

poet                  poetess 

heir                   heiress 

host                  hostess 

lion                    lioness 

priest                priestess 

prince               princess 

shepherd          shepherdess 

2. In some cases, when 'ess' is added to make a noun feminine, the last vowel letter is removed. Examples:- 

Masculine        Feminine 

actor                  actress 

director              directress 

emperor             empress 

hunter                huntress 

waiter                waitress 

instructor          instructress 

negro                 negress 

porter                portress 

master              mistress 

tiger                   tigress 

3. In compound words, the masculine form is changed into feminine to change the gender.

Masculine             Feminine 

grandfather          grandmother 

manservant          maidservant 

milkman                milkmaid 

landlord                 landlady 

stepson                 stepdaughter 

he-goat                  she-goat 

washerman           washerwoman

brother-in-law        sister-in-law 

4. Some words are quite different in their masculine and feminine forms. 

Masculine          Feminine 

bachelor             maid, spinster

boy                      girl 

brother                sister 

bull                      cow

cock                    hen

hero                     heroine 

buck                     doe

horse                   mare

husband              wife 

king                      queen 

dog                       bitch

father                   mother 

gentleman            lady 

lord                        lady

bridegroom           bride 

lad                          lass 

earl                         countess 

drone                      bee

Mr                           Mrs

monk                      nun

master                   miss

sir                           madam 

uncle                      aunt 

widower                 widow 

nephew                   niece 

man                         woman 

5. If sex distinction is not needed, the masculine form also can serve the purpose. 


Man is mortal. 

Horse is a strong animal. 

Dogs are faithful. 

The public got angry. 


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