Effects of Technology on Education

The Pros and Cons of Technology

Effects of Technology on Education

Technology has impacted the way students are taught. If you have been keen on some of the things that your past and current schools have achieved through technology, you will agree with me that it has dramatically changed and improved the way academic activities are implemented. I believe that technology has greatly helped students in maximizing what they learn. For example, you can access notes online or participate in discussions that increase the rate at which you learn new concepts.

Benefits of Technology in Education

Technology has been used to better education, but do you know some of the successes that have been realized through technology? Let us highlight several triumphs that are associated with technology in education.

Increasing Credibility of Teaching Staffs and the lesson

Technology is embedded in us. Therefore, technology has improved the quality of information that teachers share with learners. Using technology, instructors can access millions of teaching materials within a short-time. This practice has helped teachers to prepare using updated information, which also means that they create and use effective lesson plans.

Distant Learning/Communication

Traditionally, education flourished in classrooms, but this perception has been changed because you can study from where you are. One form of education technology that has helped with active learning is virtual classes. Interestingly, educators foresee that most students will be graduates of virtual campus. This mode of learning is made possible by the fact that technology helps individuals communicate from thousands of miles away.


In today’s society, a personal computers or smartphones are viewed as basic devices that one must own. As you read this article, I believe you are doing so using one of the two devices. Globally, learners have been acquitted to using portable devices to study. I can recall using my laptop to do my assignments and other classwork.

Enhancing Participation in Educational and Extra-educational Forums

Technology allows students to interact with different learning techniques. For example, you will find instructors nowadays guiding learners on how to start study groups on apps and sites designed specifically for educational purposes.

Cons of Technology in Education

An indecorous use of a resource can result in negative effects. Some of these disadvantages are discussed below.

Socio-economic Separation

Humans are social beings. As such, people should be able to interact freely to discuss important matters. Today, it is possible for friends to stay for days without seeing each other. This separation has been brought by technology. In the same way, increased use of technology by students alienates them from their teachers, and this lowers the quality of education.

Encouraging cheating

Not many students can answer questions asked in class directly. Most of the learners rely on Google for answers others rely on accounting hw help services to get solutions to their assignments. This has been said to encourage dishonesty in education. However, there is still a lot of debate as to whether assignment tutors contribute to cheating or help improve students’ performance.


Instead of promoting students’ participation in class, technology has contributed in reducing their motivation and concentration in class. Many students are caught on the wrong side of the school regulations because of improper use of phones in class. Research shows that improper usage of technological devices in class affects learning outcomes.

Low Information credibility

Some of the information that teachers and students access on the internet is not reliable and verifiable. When irrelevant information is used in education, it affects the quality of education. By allowing these negativities to trickle-down, students’ who are graduating today will be rendered incompetent by actors in the market.


It is evident that technology has introduced better methods of learning to the education sector. Teachers and learners can do numerous things using technology. However, technology should not be misused since it can affect credibility of the education systems.

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