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Edit Log in TallyPrime - All You Need to Know

Edit Log in TallyPrime - All You Need to Know

By Gseven DemoPublished about a month ago 3 min read

Edit Log in TallyPrime – All You Need to Know

Edit Log in TallyPrime allows you to keep a trail of each activity performed in transactions and masters to help you have a better internal control over your Company data. Irrespective of the nature of changes made in the data – financial, functional, or internal, the Edit Log feature keeps a trail of the activities in Company data.

Edit Log enables:

Regular monitoring of the actions such as creation, alteration, and deletion in transactions and masters in your Company data.

Simplicity in auditing your account books.

A practice of making well-informed decisions in terms of working with Company data.

The Edit Log feature is introduced in TallyPrime Edit Log Release 2.1 and TallyPrime Release 2.1.

Audit trail is intended to ensure that all the activities related to your transactions and masters are logged and available for viewing, according to MCA notification for businesses. Considering this aspect, the Edit Log feature in TallyPrime has been designed with the necessary controls in place, by default, to eliminate any scope of tampering the trail of your transactions.

Edit Log is a view-only (display) report that maintains track of all activities with your vouchers and masters, like creation, alteration, deletion and so on, without the need for any additional controls to restrict the access. The design principle applied in building the Edit Log feature makes the log of your data more reliable, secure, and completely tamper-proof, in compliance with the MCA requirements. This means, at any given point a user can ONLY view the Edit Log report to understand the trail of activities.

The underlying design principle of Edit Log enables you to view the logs and compare with its previous version, thereby providing more specific insights on the updates done to the vouchers and masters. Additionally, if a user attempts to open the Edit Log using a TallyPrime non-Edit Log version, a log gets created keeping a track of this activity. This helps auditors to check if any user had opened the Edit Log in any other non-Edit Log version of TallyPrime. Such inbuilt controls designed in TallyPrime makes the Edit Log data much more reliable and tamper-proof.

Moreover, if you would not want any user to view or create Edit Log as per your business need or policy, TallyPrime already has the robust and powerful Security feature at the company level to restrict creation or alteration of vouchers, as needed.

Tally products with Edit Log

With Release 2.1, we are giving you the flexibility to choose between the following products:

TallyPrime Edit Log: If your business needs to track all activities for a better internal control, or statutory requirements such as Audit Trail, mandated by Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), India, then you will need this product. Edit Log cannot be disabled in this product.

TallyPrime: If you want to maintain trails for internal audit purposes or view logs intermittently, then you can leverage the Edit Log feature in your day-to-day business operations.

By default, TallyPrime does not track activities in your transactions and masters. You can enable or disable Edit Log, when needed.

TallyPrime Edit Log and TallyPrime have the same set of features to run your business, including Edit Log. However, only TallyPrime Edit Log meets the Audit Trail compliance requirements.

If you want to continue using TallyPrime, then you can upgrade to the latest release. To know how to do it, refer to Update a TallyPrime Release.

If you want to use TallyPrime Edit Log, then you can upgrade your existing TallyPrime or Tally.ERP 9 application. Alternatively, you can install TallyPrime Edit Log in a separate folder.

You can use TallyPrime Edit Log with either your existing TallyPrime license or a new license.

You can download TallyPrime Edit Log from the Tally Solutions website. To know how to install TallyPrime Edit Log, refer to Install TallyPrime Edit Log.

If you are a new user, activate your license after installing TallyPrime. If you are upgrading from an earlier version of TallyPrime, your TallyPrime Edit Log will start in licensed mode. To know more, refer to License Activation | Reactivation | Surrender | Update.

If you are using TallyPrime or Tally.ERP 9, then you will need to migrate data to TallyPrime Edit Log. To know more, refer to Migrate Data to TallyPrime Edit Log.

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