Different Learning Styles

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My Learning Styles

Different Learning Styles

Visual learning is about seeing stuff. As a clairvoyant, I get to see a lot of different things in my dreams, visions or seeing auras in general. Auditory learners like to listen to tape-recorded lectures as one learning strategy that they can have. Verbal writing or speeches is another type of learning style. Physical learning involves using touch and your body to process information. Logical people use logic to reason about things, as well as systems. Social learning implies you learn in groups or with other people, solitary learners like me prefer to sit alone with books or using self-study methods.

Different learning styles use different parts of the brain. Knowing your learning style is helpful. Sometimes types of learning styles can clash and then you cannot help people learn what they want to learn because of this. I’m both sensory and intuitive according to this website. Visual and verbal learners look at things like charts or prefer to hear or read information. An active learner and a reflective learner like to manipulate objects or enjoy solving something on their own. Sequential need a linear learning style. Global learners see the big picture.

I scored high as reflective, intuitive, and global. My visual was scored low at 1. But I scored a 5 and 3 in reflective, intuitive, while I can’t remember the score for global. Global is about having a big picture. I can somewhat do this to an extent. Visual learners need charts and graphs though, which is something I like to deal with. As I’ve been taking a class this week and next week on quality management, I’ve been learning a lot. I sit still and listen to my instructor. I’m glad for the silence.

This was not always the case for me. I’m trying to avoid that bully in class with a ten-foot pole. My learning styles are varied. Different learning styles work differently for everybody. Global learners have it all “click,” somehow. They need their learning style to absorb material quickly. Global learners create visions, which is exactly what I do. I have visions of the big picture, using my intuition. Global learners need to have an end result, I like knowing how to finish stuff or what the end will look like. I do like groups to an extent but I’m scared to take the heat of being in charge of a group.

I have discipline, I’m detail oriented and able to see the steps I have devised. I’m a list person who likes charts and timelines. This time around with Grey School, I’m going to have to think about all the deadlines I have to write up for myself. I like flexible learning environments. I like learning in general. Analytical learners have a list of steps they put together as they go step by step. Planning my academic career needs to be done this way. Global learners come up with answers spontaneously.

Learning for me is not hard. Others in my family haven’t finished school. A global learner is called an intuitive-decision maker, as they feel that asking for an example means that you can eventually understand the concept. The bully has me afraid to ask questions of my instructor. I’m busy ignoring her. She is making the learning environment quite difficult. I like participating in actual group discussions but not with a bully around. The thing is, this bully is making my life difficult. I want to participate more but that isn’t always the case. My past experiences with being mistreated for my mental health symptoms cloud my everyday existence in the present. I have no more symptoms but I wonder where they’ve gone and if it is okay to feel better.

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