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Cybersecurity in the metaverse: the new technological challenge

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By cyphershieldtechPublished about a year ago 3 min read

We still don't know what the metaverse will look like, but we do already know some of the risks it will entail in terms of cybersecurity. As progress is made in the creation of this new universe, technology companies are already working to respond to the new challenges that it will pose in terms of security.

According to a study by Mediabrands Discovery, 90% of potential users of the metaverse believe that it will bring significant social benefits. The fields of virtual medicine, learning processes, as well as culture and entertainment will be some of those that will experience a great impact as this new universe takes shape.

Undoubtedly, there are great expectations placed on him before the great opportunities that he is expected to bring in the coming years. However, the metaverse will also have to face a series of challenges, and cybersecurity will be one of the main ones.

This is leading to the fact that technological and specialized companies are already working to implement strategies that guarantee greater security in the metaverse.

New (and not so new) threat vectors

What the metaverse will actually be like is still unknown. According to Mark Zuckerberg, the metaverse could take a decade to develop to its full potential . However, the first challenges that you will need to address in terms of security have already emerged.

At the moment, we know that a wide variety of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) , natural language processing, 3D graphics, high-end sensors, etc. are likely to coexist. And all this complexity will open the doors to many vulnerabilities.

Identity theft and ransomware attacks will be one of them. Identity theft and biometric hacking can increase in these new environments.

Money laundering may be another security issue that will need to be addressed in this new scenario. Since the metaverse is likely to rely on cryptocurrencies , criminals can use these environments to hide their activities, leading to problems with ransomware.

Along with this, misinformation will be another of the great challenges that must be addressed. Governments and terrorist groups can take advantage of the metaverse to spread propaganda if proper mechanisms are not put in place.

Furthermore, the potential impact of all these activities in the real world can be very concerning. Dangers ranging from physical damage to virtual users through haptic sensors, to fraud and threats to minors in the metaverse must be addressed as soon as possible to avoid them.

To this must be added the implications of avatars that look, sound and act like humans thanks to the use of technologies such as generative AI . The difficulties that often exist in differentiating between real and virtual faces can carry enormous risks and affect trust.

Securing the metaverse

One silver lining when it comes to tackling cybersecurity in the metaverse is that tech companies have a lot of experience building systems. Existing approaches will prove useful so you don't have to start from scratch. Single Sign-On (SSO), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) will be key, although adjustments will need to be made for the particularities of immersive environments.

For some experts, the different metaverses should implement stronger methods for authentication and access control in all interactions between users, applications and platforms, based on zero trust principles.

But security must go beyond the implementation of technologies. Due to the promised interaction of the real and digital worlds, rules will need to be in place to help manage the experience.

This will be a huge growth area, but it will also pose new challenges for organizations building the platforms to regulate user behavior, activities and interaction.

Keeping all of these aspects in mind will be key to providing a reasonable level of trust and security to businesses and consumers as they move deeper into the metaverse.

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