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Computer Components & Parts

by dhroov nanda 6 months ago in list
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Computer Components & Parts

Nowadays, The Computer is the most important thing that we need in our daily lives. Especially in this pandemic situation, Computers have played an important role in making our lives better. During Pandemic, everyone is inclined towards online, whether it is the education sector or the business sector. Hence, Computer is very essential for this thing like online classes, online business, etc. Computer and its use are growing very fast in the world. In fact, the computer can deal with many tasks according to its capacity, so its influence has increased a lot in our life. Computers have kept people connected through the Internet. They can do video conferencing, email, chat, etc with your relative or friend using a computer.

At above, we see that why the computer is necessary, let’s see its components and parts.

A computer is made up of many parts and components but these components are mainly divided into three categories

Input device:- Input devices are those devices through which user or people gives instructions to the computer

Output device:- Output devices are those devices where the computer shows you the overall outcome of the instructions which is given by you.

CPU:- CPU stand for the central processing unit. It is often called the brain of a computer. Let’s suppose if you give the instruction to the computer then the CPU fetches those instructions, decodes them in its own language i.e machine language, and after that executes them.


Mouse:- used to control the cursor.

Keyboard:- used to enter text.

Joystick:- used to play games.

Scanner: used to scan documents/

Microphone: used to convert analog sound into digital form

Output Devices:

Monitor: it is also known as the main output of the computer. With the help of Pixel, its shows images by converting them from electrical energy into light.

Printer:- Used to print the result or output on paper.

Speaker:- Convert Digital signal into an audible analog single

Projector:- it is a device that is commonly used to project the video or image output from the computer to the projector screen.

Central Processing Unit(CPU)-

The central processing unit (CPU) consists of six main components:

the control unit (CU)

arithmetic logic unit (ALU)





Motherboard:- motherboard is a circuit board through which all components are directly or indirectly attached, it helps to communicate all the components together and keep everything together.

RAM- RAM stands for random access memory, it is also known as volatile memory. It stores the data regarding the program and if you shut down the PC or restart it then RAM erases all the information which is stored in it.

Storage unit:- Storage units are used to store the data and information to the computer and whenever you want to have that data, you can easily access it through your given path of storage. There are a lot of storage data are available like hard disk drive commonly known as HDD, advanced version of HDD is known as SDD(Solid State Drive), Pendrive, Floppy disk, CD, DVD, memory card and so on.

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