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College Life Episode One

by Rhys Pullen 3 years ago in college
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The Life of A College Student

Okay, so before we begin, this series of 'blocks of text,' and ranting, will basically consist of how my day at college has gone, or how my week has gone etc. You catch my drift.

Okay, so let's begin with the first episode. I'm currently writing this, because my college half term has just begun, and I have a two week break. First off, I just want to say that these two weeks are just what I needed. Two weeks off gives me, and any student, just what we need. It gives us a chance, and a breather, to just think about what we're doing with our lives. It gives us a break from constant deadlines, and revision.

I usually go through my college day being told off constantly by my teachers. However, it isn't like a personal thing, my teachers just genuinely hate our entire class. Our class consists of groups of people, which just consists of people that seem like they don't actually want to be there, or want to get their grades. They're just sort of there, so it looks like they actually care about their life to their family.

Let's talk about how today went. I woke up today feeling pretty un-motivated, not going to lie. I had a specific lesson, which I don't really enjoy, because it's pretty useless. I had form tutor, which is basically an unnecessary lesson where they talk about exams and tests that are coming up. You may not know this, but this is pretty useless information to me because I do a BTEC course, which revolves around all coursework. This means that my course doesn't have any exams. So yeah, basically I dislike this lesson purely because it means that I can't sleep in for an extra hour, and it also means that I have to sit there, and sit on my phone the entire time.

I go through these stages during lesson, where i'll be listening to music, and i'll just be in my own thoughts. I''ll just sit there in my chair, thinking about the most random things that aren't even necessary. These are the moments, where i'll decide whether or not i'm having a good day or not, and whether or not I am in a good mood. If I decide that i'm in a good mood, then my day will go a lot better and a lot more productive. My day being a lot more productive, means that it will go a lot better. This usually results in my work being done, and completed on time when it should be.

I think it's bad that, I personally, wake up everyday not wanting to go to college. I also think it's bad, that during my college lessons i'm waiting all day for my day to be over, for the ability to go out or go home. I don't think that I should feel like this, but I do. A student like me should be able to wake up and feel like i'm actually coming to college to get something done, and to get the grades that I need. However, even though deep in my thoughts, I know what I need to do and why, I still don't have the motivation to actually feel happy to go to college.

Lately I've been spending most of my lessons talking about anything that isn't my college work. For example, most lessons i'll talk to my mate about setting up a business, which will have nothing to do with the subjects i'm studying at the college. Talking about random topics is basically my way of getting through the day as quickly as possible. It distracts me from doing most of my work, however I still try to get my work done within the deadline dates.


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Rhys Pullen

A small time streamer, trying to make it big on Twitch.

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