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Classroom Learning Management System

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Classroom Automation

Classroom Learning Management System

A Classroom Learning Management System is a software framework for the administration, recording, monitoring, reporting, automation, and delivery of educational classes, training programs, or learning and development programs. It includes a core functional platform that allows administrators to upload learning content, deliver lessons to students, provide notifications and exchange information with authorized users. LMS brings all academic programs, subject study guides under one platform for easy access, and foolproof storage. Students and instructors can typically access it on desktops or their mobile phones and tablets. When applied, this software makes the classroom experience much more powerful. It aims to identify and diminish the training and learning gaps by utilizing analytical data and reporting. Educational methodologies from the 21st century have transformed from the complex into a much easier, more personalized, interactive, and experimental system. The classroom learning management system encourages the use of various media and tools to make classes more interesting and dynamic, such as videos, audio, presentations, etc. It has tools that allow interaction between students, instructors, and peers, exchange of information and materials for study. It is a technology that can boost learning, make it faster, more efficient, cost-effective, and more traceable.

The LMS should be able to:

  • Provide learning experiences that are adapted to students.
  • Make it easy for instructors to make notes and changes.
  • Offer instructors and students the opportunity for online collaboration
  • Incorporate common tools such as calendars, word processors, and more
  • Can help instructors to develop course lessons, activities, and assessments.


  • Customization: Easy customization of the visual identity of courses with logo, images, and custom color scheme.
  • Hosting: Hosting of redundancy and backup courses in an environment that is safe and reliable.
  • Integration: Import and integrate content from other platforms, such as Dropbox, YouTube, Google Drive.
  • Student Management: The ability to monitor and track student’s progress and accomplishments in real-time.
  • Discussion forum: Chat through the comments sections in each lesson to answer queries of students, discuss content, and help students to increase their knowledge.
  • Responsive: Fully responsive framework, with optimized desktop, tablets, and mobile support.
  • Support Browsers: Supported by the most leading browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.


  • Everything in One place: symphonyX classroom learning management system stores all of the study material in one location. It offers a centralized learning platform. It stores everything in a unified learning solution. Make quizzes, exams, and lessons accessible to everyone from any location in the world, at any time of the day.
  • Easy Tracking and Reporting: symphonyX classroom learning management system helps in tracking the progress of each learner, identify knowledge gaps, participation, and engagement level. It gives real-time insights into each student's learning curve and helps to identify the key problem areas. Instructors can work on those problem areas to provide an improved learning experience for students.
  • Provides unlimited access to e-Learning materials: Once the instructors upload e-Learning course materials onto the Classroom learning software and publish them, students can have unlimited access to the study material.
  • Faster learning: Teachers can use established pedagogical models to deliver more personalized lessons and increase the engagement level of students. Students can learn on their own via computers, laptops, and mobile devices to keep the learning alive 24/7. Classroom learning increases the flexibility and creativity of the learning material, which enhances the student experience and encourages shared collaboration.
  • Maximum Efficiency: Classroom learning saves hours when compared to traditional methods. Artificial intelligence and automation make it easier for teachers to handle learning materials, freeing up their time for other teaching opportunities.

product review
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