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China Welcomed International Students to Pursue MBBS

by Jagvimal Consultants 12 months ago in college


MBBS in China

1. Welcomed International Students

China has always welcomed international students who are looking to pursue their MBBS education in the country in any sector.

2. Top Research Universities

MBBS in China from Southeast University (SEU) is counted amongst the top research universities in the country which has produced many notable scholars working in many different fields all over the world.

3. Recognition on a Global Level

Southeast University (SEU) has increased its education and recognition on a global level by tenfold since its establishment by playing an important role in the betterment of the education sector in China.

4. Medical Education from SEU

Many international students have taken their medical education from Southeast University (SEU) to date and still continue to take it.

5. Practice Degree in Home Country

Because of the global value and recognition of the degree received from the university which is beneficial for them as they can practice their medical degree in their home country after graduating and completing their education from Southeast University (SEU) in China.

6. Signed Cooperation with SEU

The universities of more than 100 universities have signed cooperation with Southeast University (SEU) which states the value of the university.

7. Topmost Educational Institution

The university has the vision to become the topmost educational institution in the future not just in China but also on a global level.

8. SEU Located in Nanjing City

Southeast University (SEU) is located in Nanjing city of China.

9. Beautiful Atmosphere around the City

Southeast University (SEU) has a beautiful atmosphere as the city is known for its heritage and sightseeing destinations.

10. Excellent Transportation Facilities

The transportation of the city is excellent and has an easy approach to all the other parts of China with many different modes of transport available.

11. Very Vast Campus

The campus of Southeast University (SEU) is very vast and the approximate area is more than 300 hectares.

12. Affiliated Hospital of SEU

The affiliated hospital of Southeast University (SEU) is situated in the Dingjiaqiao campus where the school of medicine is also situated.

13. Run Scholarship Schemes

There are many different scholarship schemes that are run by the university and many eligible students are able to avail of the benefits of these schemes on a yearly basis.

14. Organizes Activities for Students

Southeast University (SEU) organizes many activities for the students other than excellent studies such as sports activities.

15. Cultural Activities Organized

There are many cultural activities are also organized by the university through which the students get to know one another and about many different cultures, especially the Chinese culture.

16. Famous and Economical Restaurants

The eating expenses of Southeast University (SEU) are also economical and there are many famous and economical restaurants near the university campus where the students can eat.

17. Food at Economical Prices

The cafeteria is also established on the university campus which serves food at economical prices.

18. Duration of the Course

The duration of the course in the university is for 6 years out of which 1 year is for the internship.

19. Participate in Clinical Activities

The university actively encourages the students to participate in many clinical activities from the second year of the medical course.

20. Collection of Books and Texts in Library

The library of Southeast University (SEU) is a knowledge hub and has a collection of thousands of books and texts from many famous and well-known scholars in different languages.

21. Accommodation Facilities of SEU

The accommodation facilities of Southeast University (SEU) are excellent with many facilities and features with necessary amenities installed in the rooms for the students which are provided to the students on a sharing basis.

22. Getting to Study in China

The best part about getting to study MBBS in China is that the students learn a lot about Chinese culture and the community and about Chinese people.


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