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Cathryn Ilani Talks About Parent-Teacher Relationships: Maximizing Your Child's Learning Potential

By: Cathryn Ilani

By Cathryn IlaniPublished 11 months ago 3 min read

When parents and teachers come together to give the child the best education experience, things are better for the child. Open communication about what their child may be struggling with or doing well can help the teacher effectively do their job, as the parents do their part at home. Cathryn Ilani will talk about why having that parent-teacher relationship will help with your child's learning experience.

Goals That Are Shared

When parents are involved in their child's education, goals are shared for the teacher and parent. Both parties want what is best for the child, and that is the first shared goal between the two. The child will have an effective school year when both people see eye-to-eye through the learning journey.


Sometimes, rules and expectations at school indeed fall once they get home due to how different someone may parent from what is taught at school. If there's a parent-teacher relationship, then those rules and expectations once they get home can be continued, and education will be reinforced in all aspects of their life.

New Information

Parents know their children better than anyone, and teachers spend so much time with them, learning so much about them. Parents and teachers can come together and consult what they know and learn about their children to help them with their weaknesses and build up their strengths.

Tips For An Effective Parent-Teacher Relationship

Communication: Staying communicated and having that open dialogue is essential when having that relationship with a parent or teacher. You can do this by regularly emailing, attending meetings and conferences, and always keeping up to date on your child's education.

Home Environment: Your home environment also harbors an importance of education that transfers when they go to school. While they are either out of school for the summer or just home during the weekend, try to make reading fun or find fun ways to make learning an activity.

Keep Up-To-Date: The best thing to do is to stay updated on what your child is learning and what they will be learning. You can help foster what they are learning at home to give them a better experience.

Problem Solve: When an issue arises with your child at school, you and the teacher must come together and solve the issue at hand. Collaborating and discussing the issues will build that relationship and, again, create a better school experience for your child.

Celebrate: You should celebrate your child's accomplishments, whether small or big. When you show that you see the effort they put into their education, it can excite them to learn.


Overall, there are benefits to involving yourself in your child's education. Building that parent-teacher relationship is the best way to involve yourself in your child's education. With that collaboration, both parties involved can create a great school experience for the child that not only happens while in school but is being supported at home as well.

Meet the Author: Cathryn Ilani

Cathryn Ilani is not only a respected teacher but also a principal who has over three decades of experience in the education industry. Her goal is to make sure each of her students receives the best education they can while with her so they can best prepare for the future. She founded the Einstein Academy in 2002, where she became the principal. The goal of her school is to give gifted students an opportunity to really grow and shine so that, in the future, they can use their skills to be successful members of society. As of recently, The Einstein Academy has decided to partner with Gersh Autism to be able to work and help neurodivergent students also be successful in the future.

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Cathryn Ilani

A seasoned educator, Cathryn Ilani has over thirty years of experience. Visit her websites to learn more about her stance on technology and education.

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