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Can Bolded Text Help SEO

Google has confirmed that bolded text can help SEO. Learn how to use this for your benefit.

By Ann R.Published 2 years ago 6 min read
Can Bolded Text Help SEO

When we use many letters in a sentence. In which we have some words, which we highlight compared to other words, it is called bold text say the Jacksonville SEO experts. By this, we mean that we want to give our customers a good idea of what is very important and what is common in our article. Mostly you use bold text where you have to explain to your user that this is my headline, this is all headline and another text is normal.

Does Bold Text Help SEO?

According to a recent new update, Google confirms that bolded text help SEO. Here Google is very helpful for search engine optimization. This makes the content easy to read and understand. This update hit Google's Search Center on November 12, 2021. John Muller on using bold text Is bold text really beneficial for search engine optimization?

John Mueller shared a video of Matt Cutts, a former Google employee, in his talk. That being said, this is a topic that has already been discussed. Matt Cutts wasn't actually discussing the definition of bold text in search engine optimization. In this video, Matt Kits and their experiences are discussed in reality, as well as the differences between them.

There is not much difference between the two but that is not really the topic of discussion here. John Mueller has a strong claim that bold text can have a huge impact on any page if we look at it from a search engine optimization perspective. They say that knowing what to do on any website is essential.

Google's crawlers tend to find things written in bold and italics. They also say that Google is an updated search engine as well as a smart one. It knows what website needs what.

But when you make bold text, it becomes even easier for Google and clearly tells Google what your topic is actually about. That's why we often try to find out what kind of content any website has. For this, we try to find out what exactly they are emphasizing on the website. However, we focus not only on these things but also on bold or highlighted elements in the text on the page. So we can somewhat assume that it adds a little bit to it.

We find clear indications that bold text is definitely quite important for search engine optimization. The past is in most respects consistent with what we know this page is about, it doesn't change that much. This we have learned very well above. Yes, but it won't be wrong to say that it definitely has a small impact on your search engine optimization. This makes your content more readable and understandable by any search engine and your readers. If we understand it in simple language, having only bold text in your content increases the readability and understanding of your content.

Which is the value of bold characters in the content?

Whenever we use bold text in our content, our only goal is to grab the attention of our readers. or simply helps our readers read and understand our content. So that our readers add more content to our website and make a big difference in the search engine optimization ranking of our website. It also means that our content is being liked by our users in their form and understanding. Then it simply means that our website gets positive signals on Google which helps it to increase our ranking. The SEO benefits of bold text are relative. Use bold words according to your content suggests the experts from Jacksonville SEO Company. Depending on your entire page content, you will need to use bold fonts in your content accordingly.

How does Google treat bold tags?

If we talk about Google, do other search engines read our bold content the same way other search engines do? Its very simple process is to read any content, it sends your crawler to any website and asks it to read in full. With this, it provides information to Google about how much content is bold on that web page and how much content is in the desired content. Because of this, Google compares the relevant content on our page with the relevant content of other web pages. After that, it knows that if there is more content on your web page, it makes your web page higher.

But your classification by bold text doesn't matter much. I told you earlier that this is just a technique you can use to make your reader happy and easy to read and understand. How Bold Text Affects User Experience The special thing about bold text is that it easily grabs your readers' attention. When any reader comes to your website to read your content, it is very helpful and convenient when your content is bold.

More time is spent on your website and your internal linking can lead to more traffic to your other pages, which also makes a big difference to your overall ranking. All these things are very important in the eyes of Google because a visitor is coming to your website and spending so much time on your website content.

This simply means that in the eyes of Google, the user experience of your website has been greatly enhanced. It seems that Google improves your ranking very easily. So this means that bold text does not directly affect your ranking factor. But because of this, the user experience of your website becomes great, which makes a big difference in your rankings. That's why whenever you write content, don't forget to bold your focus keywords and important phrases as well as sentences.

Difference between bold tags Whenever we talk about the difference in HTML tags.

Two most important HTML tags associated with bold text. Whenever we use elements like <b> and <strong> in our website. But there is one thing you should be careful about when search engine crawlers visit your website. Then both of them have very different meanings. If I try to focus on understanding the two, the<b>code is used to define the bold text on a page without assigning any specific meaning to the keywords. To explain in more simple language, you use it to tell bold how to format text without adding content. This is how we talk about the second code<strong>, so it's used to tell the browser which keyword is important throughout our content. When we look at both the codes from the front, they look the same here. Both of these codes can also be used to emphasize the importance of the word to the reader.

Tips on how to use bold text for SEO

The following are the best practices for SEO:

• Use h1 and h2 tags after your heading or for making a paragraph more specific.

• You can also use<b> tag to draw your users attention.

• You should always avoid bolding too many of your keywords in a single paragraph. Because by bolding the whole paragraph, the crawler of the engine will see the whole paragraph as the same, and will not find anything important in it.

• Google or other search engines also do not promote such actions.


Today, throughout this article, we have learned that bold text helps SEO. And we also highlighted John Mueller's recent report in which he explained what is important and how to use it.

The work should be done with caution and should be used in the same way as Jacksonville SEO experts mentioned above. You must have also realized that it is not so useful in search engine optimization but it is the easiest and most effective way to attract the attention of your customers.

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