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Breaking the Rules: The Temptation to Let Kids Skip School for 'Simple' Reasons

Why Every Parent Should Think Twice Before Allowing It!"

By Fahmy FarookPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
What do you say when your child wants to stay at home without going to school?

Mother, today I can't go to school..

Mom I have a headache, I will stay at home..

Mama, I am tired today so not going to school..

When your small child says like this in the morning as a mother or father what is your response?

Every school day is a meaningful day and every lesson there in empowers your child. Even if your child is not performing well in studies, everyday by going to school, he or she gains something, maybe through the lessons or maybe due to observation or association.

Simply allowing children to stay at home for flimsy excuses can lead to many drawbacks in the long run. I have listed some of them here.

Your child will be missing learning opportunities

The important lessons, discussions and activities will be missed by your child, and even when your child gets back to school it cannot be recovered completely. There will be gaps in the knowledge.

Negative impacts on grades

Irregular attendance to school can lead to lower achievements in assignments, assessments and different other evaluations.

Educational progress

For your child to see a progress in education, appropriate coverage of the curriculum is necessary. By bunking school your child will be deprived of learning as well as understanding the fundamental concepts and skills. There will also be the development of knowledge gap which will make learning challenging for your child.

Social Isolation

School provides a social environment for the children where they interact, build friendships and develop vital skills necessary for life. Such developed will not be taking place smoothly when your child is absent to school frequently. There will be social isolation leading to this type of a situation.

Disciplinary Issues

The child who used to bunk the school will generally be irresponsible. Such a child will not learn commitment and the importance of fulfilling obligations.

Impact on teacher-student relationship

As you all know, generally the teachers like the students who are regular to school, punctual to the class, attentive in the lesson and very good at producing good results.

On the other hand, generally the teachers will not be in very good terms with the student who regularly bunks the class as his or her poor result can bring discredit to the teacher.

Legal consequences

In some educational systems or in some countries keeping children at home while the school is in session without a valid reason is not allowed. It can lead to consequences that are very unpleasant.

These are some of the disadvantages. There may be many other negative consequences.

You being parents must make sure that you send your child regularly to school. It is your duty to make sure that the child develops an attitude of taking any responsibility on his or her shoulders seriously. Irresponsible behavior should never be entertained.

Don't you feel that you must be more concerned about your child's education including regular attendance to school? How much importance you parents give to this matter at home? How much of discussions you have made with your child on how to make each and every school day productive?

Why not you write me? I will be happy to see you writing what you feel. My email is [email protected].

The writer is the founder and the chairman of Yaqeen Education Systems, a private school network operating in Sri Lanka.

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