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Best Ways to Make Money on TikTok Without Showing Your Face

The Best TikTok Income Sources Without Putting Your Face Out There

By Billionaire hustlerPublished about a year ago 4 min read
Best Ways to Make Money on TikTok Without Showing Your Face
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The main focus of TikTok is publishing original content in the form of videos. And in these videos, you are frequently required to reveal your face. Here's how to conceal your face on TikTok in case you'd prefer to do so.

1. Develop curated content

if the aforementioned techniques are insufficient for you. Creating curated content may be the answer if you're still trying to figure out how to make money on TikTok anonymously.

Curating content is quite easy. It entails searching through a variety of intriguing and alluring online information. The best of these are then shared on your media profiles as music, infographics, or films.

And one of the best TikTok account concepts for 2022 is this. You only need to look for viral material in your industry. After that, you can post them and give the proprietors credit.

It's not just a matter of reposting this stuff, though. These contents need to be branded. And as a result, it could be necessary to express emotional or visual responses to the information.

2. Make Videos With Pictures

If the proper software is used, this is, in my opinion, the simplest way to create cool TikTok films without revealing your identity.

You can monetize your TikTok account with interesting movies that contain photos that have nothing to do with you by using videos with photographs.

In this manner, you can safely conceal your face while providing your audience with educational and amusing content. SketchGenius is the perfect programme for you if you want to create high-quality films with automatically sketched-out pictures.

Nevertheless, if you want to make our videos with only images and text and no animated sketches, you may achieve it with relative ease using a programme called Invideo.

Invideo gives you access to all the video templates and images you need, regardless of your niche. You can even work out a cool short video from scratch at lightning speed.

A text-to-speech tool and a selection of royalty-free background music are available to you if you want to include music and voiceovers in your films. With this programme, there are no costs associated with getting started. No credit card information is required.

Finally, once your account is set up, you receive all the quick tutorials you need to quickly produce high-quality videos that will encourage your audience to buy the products you are marketing.

Watch the video below for some simple Invideo tutorials on how to make popular TikTok videos without revealing your face.

3. Using a mask

Consider using a mask if you're wondering how to disguise your face on TikTok. It's simple to understand.

In actuality, this is among the best face-free TikTok concepts. All you have to do is purchase an amusing mask and put it on each time you record a video.

You can choose to liven things up by making a variety of cool masks of your own. Based on the video's subject matter, you can then alter colors or shapes.

The fact that you must retain a mask type throughout your videos should be kept in mind. In this manner, your audience will be able to associate the mask with you and spot them at any location.

Additionally, this is a fantastic choice that is frequently suggested. And as a result, it makes your fan base more curious. Even more, you can significantly raise account engagement by removing strategic side views.

You can even give away when you'll reveal your face in the future. Keep your viewers interested in your videos as a result.

You'll need to keep up your level of inventiveness, post wisely, and interact with your audience well.

Your ideas contribute to the content's worth and give it a unique touch in this way.

4. Using animations

One of the best methods to monetize your TikTok account without having to reveal your identity is through this. Your real visage is swapped out with animated versions.

The beautiful thing is that there are several methods to include animations. You may, for instance, blur or hide your face behind an animated visage. Your viewers won't be able to recognize your face this way.

Additionally, you can design a fully realized animated character that resembles you. You won't need to physically appear in your videos in this situation.

You may also build an animated character that bears no likeness to you if you choose to avoid any direct link to your face. nice, right?

Furthermore, you don't necessarily need to be an accomplished animator to create cool animations. You can easily do this with animation software like SketchGenius.

An AI-powered 3D sketch video animator called SketchGenius transforms words into breathtaking animated videos with all pertinent backgrounds and graphics without the need for manual search.

Even a professional voice-over service is available, allowing you to employ male or female voices with a variety of accents and languages in your videos.

There is also a tonne of pre-produced, expert videos from other sectors that you may use as inspiration for TikTok videos related to your expertise.

If you're really set on earning money on TikTok without going public, video animation is usually your best bet.


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