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Best Tips to Manage Your Expenses While Living in York

Expenses in Student Accommodation York

By Tessa youngPublished about a month ago 3 min read

York, a city in the county of North Yorkshire in England, is known for its rich culture, Roman origins, rivers like Ouse and Foss, and many other aspects. In the recent few years, it has gained fame for higher education also. Not only domestic students but also several international students study in the universities and colleges in York. The University of York, ranked #167 in QS World University Rankings 2024, is a major university in this city. Furthermore, York St John University is also found in York.

When international students choose York for their higher education, a major thing they need to do is to manage their living expenses. For this, they need to make some arrangements from their home countries, whereas, some arrangements are to be done after you start living there. Here, you will read some best tips to manage your expenses while living in York.

Choose Student Accommodation as Per Your Budget

Accommodation will be your first requirement after enrolling in York. So, the first thing you have to do to manage your expenses perfectly is to find student housing in York as per your budget. This is the thing that you can do from your home country. Many online platforms provide lists of student housing properties with their details including prices, amenities, distances from universities, etc. You can visit those platforms and find accommodation as per your budget.

Some student housing properties in York, where accommodations are available at the rent below £300 per week are Abode, Fredrick House, Percys Place, Vita Student Lawrence Street York, and more.

Try Booking Homestays If Comfortable

Homestays are the arrangements in which students can live with York families in their houses. Some families in York offer homestays to students, which are not only cheaper options but also give a golden chance to students to immerse themselves into York’s culture by seeing the daily life of York families. So, you can also book homestays if you are comfortable with it, which can save some of your expenses.

Buy Health Insurance and Travel Insurance

Health insurance and travel insurance may provide cover for your medical and some non-medical expenses. So, you can save money and manage expenses perfectly. You can do this also from your home country through online platforms. Some online student accommodation service platforms, which help students find student rooms in York, may also act as mediators between students and insurance companies.

Open a Student Bank Account

Opening a student bank account can help you manage your expenses perfectly. It can also be done from your native place. The online student accommodation service platform can also help you in opening a student bank account in York.

Choose Accommodation with Rent Inclusive of Utility Bills

Choose York student accommodationwith rent inclusive of utility bills, such as electricity, gas, water, and internet. In that case, you will have no need to think separately about managing utility bills.

Learn Cooking and Prepare Meals in Your Kitchen

While living in York, there is nothing wrong if you visit restaurants occasionally to have meals. But, you will have to spend a lot if you do this daily.

So, it is better for students to learn cooking and prepare meals in the kitchens of their student apartments in York. It is not only a money-saving tip but also a part of healthy living since homemade food is healthier than a restaurant’s food.

Get Student Discounts

You can find student discounts in many shops, sightseeing destinations, etc. Getting these discounts may help you save money.

Do a Part-Time Job

If you have enough time and you are comfortable with it, you can do a part-time job while living in York. It will create a source of earning for you plus provide you experience that will be useful for your future career.

Set Your Budget While Living in York

While living in York, you will get a clear idea of where you need to spend. According to that idea, you should set your budget. You can set a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly budget. Make the lists of necessary and unnecessary expenses and spend accordingly.

Save Money for Emergencies

Don’t forget to save money for emergencies while living in York.


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