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Best Study Tips for Auditory Learners

by Morgan E. Westling 4 years ago in how to
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Have you discovered that you're an auditory learner and learn things easier by hearing them? Here are some of the best study tips for auditory learners to help you succeed in the classroom!

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Auditory learners retain information most easily by hearing and repeating things, unlike verbal learners. There are many different types of learning styles out there, but with auditory learning, certain study tips are more helpful such as word association, using mnemonic devices, working in study groups, and listening to music. If you're an auditory learner, you might have to try many different strategies for learning before finding the method that works best for you. Here are the best study tips for auditory learners. Try these out and see if they help you remember facts faster.

The first and most important study tip for auditory learners is to find quiet space for studying. Because auditory learners retain information through sound, distracting noises can really make a difference in how well a study session goes. Whether it's a library, an empty classroom, a bedroom, or anywhere else, make sure this space is quiet and designated in that moment for your studies. This way, if you need to use videos, music, or repeat things aloud to remember facts, you will be able to do so with clear focus.

Auditory learners do really well with study groups or single study partners, because studying turns into a verbal discussion as opposed to something that's happening alone in the mind. When a study group gets together, word association can be used as well as a lot of repetition and reading aloud to help all members of the group remember facts faster. Utilizing study groups is one of the best study tips for auditory learners, because students' learning styles can be combined to retain information in the most effective way possible.

One of the best tips for auditory learners while in the classroom is to record their teachers' lectures. Because taking notes may not be as helpful to the auditory learner, by recording the lectures, the student can listen to the lecture as if they were in the classroom again. Auditory learning requires specific study tips, because it is one of the more unique learning styles. But with proper techniques such as recordings, auditory learning can be easy. It's a good way to study and do well on midterms.

Another one of the best study tips for auditory learners is to use mnemonic devices. A mnemonic device can be any number of things such as making up songs, using acronyms, or any word association strategy that helps to remember facts. Mnemonic devices are great for auditory learners and really help them retain information more easily. They can be repeated multiple times in order to really drive the idea in.

Going to office hours with the professor is one of the best ways to study if you're an auditory learner, because having a verbal discussion with the teacher will allow the auditory learner to retain information better, get extra help, and further discuss the facts about the class topic. Also, if an auditory learner is struggling in class, going to office hours will let the teacher know that the student is making an effort to get past their learning style and find effective study tips to learn more effectively.

Watching videos on the class topic can be a great study tip for auditory learners, because it will allow the student to feel like they are in the classroom again. Being able to listen to someone else audibly give information is what allows the auditory learner to remember facts. Videos can be played and replayed as often as the student wants, so this study tip allows students to learn at their own pace without feeling embarrassed.

If no outside resources are available for listening, one of the best study tips for auditory learners is to take notes in class and then speak their notes aloud when studying. By speaking aloud, the student can hear themselves and retain information through the ears as opposed to the eyes. Speaking notes aloud gives students added practice and added auditory repetition to help them remember facts. It's a pretty good college study hack for even though who don't totally fall into the auditory learners category.

A great study tip for auditory learners is to be engaged in the classroom and ask questions. Any extra communication that can be had aloud is helpful for auditory learners, because feedback by word of mouth from a professor in the classroom is going to be much more helpful than asking questions later through email and simply reading them on a computer screen. Staying engaged is an essential study tip for auditory learners in order to retain information and keep up with classroom material.

Repetition is key with auditory learners, because the more they hear things out loud, the more they will remember facts and retain information. Whether repetition is used in study groups, speaking flashcards aloud, using mnemonic devices, or by listening to music or videos, it's important that auditory learners push themselves to consistently study things multiple times to successfully grasp the material.

One of the easiest ways for auditory learners to retain information long term is to put the information into a song. This is one of the best tips for auditory learners because once a song is memorized, it becomes much easier to repeat in the head than just a line of words. Adding music behind the words is an excellent study tip for students with different learning styles as well. Listening to music is very effective in helping students remember facts.

All of these strategies are some of the best study tips for auditory learners and will significantly help auditory learners succeed inside and outside of the classroom. While auditory learners may have a harder time retaining information the traditional way with notes, books, and quiet study, they aren’t bound to fail. It simply takes the right knowledge and tools to study successfully based on each individual’s learning style. If you’re an auditory learner, try out these tips and watch how much easier learning will become!

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