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Best morning routine

Find out the best things to do in your morning to have a great start to your day.

By Feel goodPublished 6 months ago 7 min read

A good day starts with the mindset you have in the morning. Did you ever notice that if you had a good start in the morning it will continue throughout the day. It is essential to have a peaceful and motivated morning to have a beautiful day.

Our habits in the morning has huge impact on our daily lives. It actually has the power to change our whole day. For a good day you literally need a good morning. We often fix our day's mood in the morning so it is important to setup a good and a peaceful mind in the morning itself. A morning person will be definitely different from others. They will be positive and motivated. This because they start their day in a right way. There are some habits or morning routines that you can follow in the morning to have a beautiful day. This isn't magic it works slowly but definitely it worth it. Once you start doing this in your morning then you can actually see that changes in your life happening everyday. If you are struggling with your life and you want to change your life then start changing it from your morning because it has a huge huge impact on your day. And another thing you have to be very consistent about it. Doing it once in a while will definitely not going to show you any results. If you want your day to be calm, peaceful and beautiful then start doing it from today.

This habit is super easy to follow and you can actually do it.

1) wake up early

Yes, Waking up early seems to be very difficult in the beginning but believe me it actually worth. When you wake up in the early morning before the sunrise you can actually feel a calmness around you and that is priceless. The day actually starts there. Waking up in the early morning gives you a lot of time to prepare yourself for the day. Not only that you can also do so much thing in the beginning of the day itself. so try to wake up as soon as possible. If you can't wake up before the sunrise at least try to wake up around 6 am in the morning. it is also ok.

2) gratitude

The very first thing you have to do in a morning is Paying gratitude. This is a must do because gratitude fills heart with happy and peace. It is very simple and little thing that has a huge impact on our life and on ourselves. You have to recall about what are the things you are grateful in your life. Just say thanks to the God or universe or to whatever you believe in. It is necessary to realize that we get a new opportunity to improve our life so be very grateful for it. And also remember that not everyone in the world got this opportunity. You got it so be grateful for that. It is even more nice if you write down at least three things you are grateful about. It is really really necessary for a beautiful day. Do it continuously and you can see the results.

3) meditate

Meditation relax your body, mind and soul. It is one of the great way to start your day. And also it will regulate your breathing. You have so many YouTube tutorials to know about meditation go and check out some of that and start doing it because it is very very helpful. If you are consistent in doing meditation you can actually see difference in your daily life. you will become more calm and more cool person than ever, you can able to control your anger, you have more patience than others and most importantly you can able to change your thoughts. It is not a magical thing but doing it regularly makes magic in life.

4) walk or exercise

Going for walking or doing exercise in the morning is a best. Walking in the morning with the chill climate and a little sun gives a good feel. You can also do yoga or exercise what were you want to start your day with. Starting your day in this way can actually change your negative thoughts to positive one. You don't need to spend so much time on this, just do it at least for 20 minutes in a beginning. That will be great.

5) to do list

Make a to do list in your morning. Create a proper plan for the day so that you can manage your time very well. This seems to be not very big thing but you can actually be very productive when you follow this. Have a book in that write down what you want to do for the day. it doesn't need to be only big things or important things just write down what want to do on that day. When you write down like this you can I actually remember what you need to do on that day. It is one of the best way to manage your time and you can schedule your work properly. This will actually clear all the confusions in your mind and help you to work more protective.

These are very small and practical steps that anyone can follow to get most out of a morning. You no need to follow this order you can schedule your order will like you want. It is up to you.

In addition to this, here are some quotes to make your morning more energetic and fresh. Write down the Quotes in a paper and pasted on the wall so that when you wake up you can actually read this everyday.

I am blessed

I am going to be successful

I deserve all the happiness and love in the world

I am thankful for whatever I have in my life

I am going to do my best in this day

These quotes might looks simple but very helpful. Other than this you can also add your favorite quote to the list. Trust me it looks simple but it is one of the most effective way to change your Minds and thoughts into a positive one.

In this way if you start your morning then you will be Unstoppable.

We can do a lot of tiny things in the morning. What do I mean by that?

The tiny things which don't take lot of time and effort are the perfect things to do in the morning. It make us refresh at the same time without lot of efforts. We often miss this but when we include this in our schedule, It will be even more helpful.

Drink hot water: Drinking hot water very first thing in the morning can actually help to clean up our body also it has lot of benefits.

Get Sun daily: There is also a lot of benefits in getting sun daily especially during the morning. Watching the sunrise is another kind of feel. go and experience that.

Read: We often don't find time to read in the morning but if we try we can make some time for it. We don't need to read a lot but 2-3 pages of a book is enough. Reading some quotes like the above mentioned are even more beneficial.

I hope you here after you you try to make a different morning routine. Always remember this quote

You are what you do and not what you say you will do

Everything will make a difference if and only you started doing that. Actions are very important than words. You don't need to be perfect from the day one just try and fail, it's ok. But never fail to try. If you are serious about changing your life if you're serious about doing some difference in your life then start doing it without any excuse. It is always difficult to begin something, but once you see the result it all worth it. Wish you the best.



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