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Accessibility and Inclusivity in Flutter App Development

Accessibility & Inclusivity in Flutter App Development | Flutter App Development Agency

By Ruben GrayPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
Accessibility and Inclusivity in Flutter App Development

For mobile app developers, inclusivity mostly comes as a secondary priority. For the sake of aesthetics and functionality, inclusivity is almost always axed out of the equation. As a result, the app in question becomes nigh inaccessible to a significant portion of the user base. In a survey conducted in 2021, about 23% of apps failed the accessibility test. When you hire mobile app developers, make sure the credo of the company postulates inclusivity. Only then can you ensure that your app is easily usable by all people, regardless of their physical and cognitive limitations.

One of the best ways to avoid the aforementioned unfortunate scenario is to hire Flutter app developers USA. Flutter toolsets are particularly well-equipped for designing inclusive apps. Let’s learn more about the accessibility features of Flutter that make it a go-to platform for our purposes.

What Is Accessibility in Mobile Apps?

Before we go any further, you must know what the term accessibility denotes in the world of mobile app development. It is basically a design process that takes into account a range of disabilities while crafting the user interface of a mobile application. Thus, an individual with a hearing or a visual impairment will be able to use the app seamlessly. Take, for example, the built-in screen reader function in most phones, which can dictate the text on the phone screen aloud to the visually impaired user. Although this functionality is integrated into the phone’s software, it requires developers to incorporate its features into their own apps for cross-applicability.

Flutter's Dedication To Inclusivity And Accessibility

Since its inception, Flutter's accessibility features have been stellar. This is in part due to the devoted efforts of the Flutter team, who did not push back the quotient of accessibility as an afterthought but as a vital part of their process. Therefore, you will find a dedicated toolset for building accessible mobile interfaces on Flutter. Some of these features are as follows:

1. Semantics

This feature allows app developers to create labels or descriptions for the elements contained in the interface. This facilitates the assistive technologies to play their part and convey the screen’s content to the end user.

2. Widgets

Flutter contains a library of widgets that have been preconfigured according to accessibility guidelines. These widgets may employ buttons, images, and more to serve the accessibility needs of users.

3. Customization

All of the accessibility features are customizable so that developers can create an app that caters to people of all abilities.

4. Platform Integration

Flutter banks on the native platform accessibility APIs to provide a seamless, inclusive experience to users of different mobile devices.

How To Build Inclusive User Interfaces For Mobile Devices

Hire Flutter developer team from Flutter Agency USA to make sure that your UI is predestined for accessibility. These are the possible ways that a Flutter app developer secures inclusivity and accessibility for your mobile applications and development process:

1. Multi-Language Support

Accessibility should not be limited to curtailing physical disabilities but should also take geographical and cultural diversity into consideration. People belonging to multiple ethnicities will use the app, so it needs to be packed with regional language settings. Add this feature to help your app transcend the barriers of language in all parts of the world.

2. Audio and Visual Inclusivity

There are certain apps that are audio-based in their main functionality, such as popular music-streaming platforms and podcast-hosting platforms. This basic fact precludes those with auditory deficiency from using the app. However, inclusive apps provide captions or descriptive content alongside multimedia files to bring every kind of user into the loop.

3. Accessibility Community

Flutter’s accessibility resources stem from the engaged community of developers on the platform’s community page. ‘Accessibility tools Flutter’ is a major thread on the online discussion forum. They review the accessibility features of the platform and provide their valuable feedback. This is later utilized to upgrade the accessibility features of the platform.


Developers are morally obligated to design an app based on the tenets of inclusivity. Therefore, whenever you hire Flutter App Developers USA, make sure to discuss your accessibility goals with them. It might also be a smart business decision as accessibility makes sure that you are never in want of customers. Try Flutter app development agency today and check out the difference in the appeal of your app.

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